10 Signs He’s “The One”

When you’ve been played or had more than your fair share of rotten partners, it can be hard to trust men. However, there are good guys out there, so keep your eye out for clues suggesting you may have finally met your match. Here are ten crucial signs that he might be the one.

1. You are friends as well as lovers

There is truth to the old advice that you should marry your best friend, as it is friendship that keeps a relationship warm and loving in the long-term. You don’t need to take it as far as peeing in the shower together or making no effort to be sexual appealing to each other, but you do need to be able to relate to each other like friends do.

2. You don’t think about past partners

When a man is captivating enough to stop you from idly daydreaming about the great sex you used to have with that guy from college and you no longer find yourself looking at past romances with rose-tinted glasses, you’ll know you’ve found someone pretty special.

3. You can talk about anything

Alarm bells should go off if you feel like you just can’t talk to your partner about something, especially if he outright bans discussing a subject. You should always feel like you can raise a worry, a question or a feeling, even if your partner doesn’t agree with your perspective.

4. Trust is natural

If you’ve been hurt before, trusting someone can feel downright dangerous. However, the guy for you will understand your reservations and work to make you feel safe. In addition, remember that a great partner will trust you to be faithful and honest, so you won’t catch him skimming your browser history for dating sites or find him weeping over the thought of you going out to see a male friend.

5. He supports you

Don’t stay with a man who tries to limit your potential and keep you in a box. The right partner for you will be secure enough to encourage your growth and be excited when you succeed.

6. Silence is comfortable

Everyone knows the pain of awkward silence and the embarrassment that follows when you desperately try to fill that silence with a banal observation or a hasty joke that falls flat. When you’re with the right man, silence can be cozy and comfortable.

7. He prioritizes you

It’s healthy for couples to have separate interest and friends, but your ideal partner will naturally put you first when it counts. This means coming home to take care of you when you’re ill instead of going out to get wasted at a bar, and it means making sacrifices to keep the relationship working.

8. He makes you feel truly known

“The one” will be someone with whom you feel comfortable being your true self. Instead of feeling like you need to fake a constant good mood or pretend you love all the same things, you will feel free to admit that you love trashy TV and sing off-key in the shower.

9. Your sexual expectations are similar

You don’t need to have identical sex drives, but it helps if you’re at least on the same page about whether it would be better to have sex once a day or once a month. Meanwhile, if you enjoy a bit of bondage play while he’d prefer to stick to the missionary position with the lights off, you may not be very well matched.

10. You’ve never felt quite like this before

It’s unlikely that your perfect match will be the first person you’ve ever fallen in love with, but there should be a certain sense that this relationship is different from the ones that came before. Trust your intuition.

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