10 Signs It’s Time To Let Go

Not all relationships are meant to last forever.  Unfortunately, it is not always easy to know when to let go of a relationship and move on.  These ten signs may help you in deciding whether to let go of your partner or to stay the course.

1.  You Miss Your Past

How dull is your present relationship if you keep reminiscing about your past relationship, the “good ole” days? If the person you’re dating now is not enough to keep you in the present then maybe it’s time to let go and find someone who makes you forget the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future.

2.  You Start Hating Everything About Your Partner

If you are in a healthy relationship, you look forward to being around your significant other. If you dread phone calls or text messages from the person you ended up with, or just want to punch them in the face for no other reason than they are trying to make you happy, then it’s time to let go. You may need to take some time to make yourself happy before you get into another relationship.

3.  You’re The Only One Compromising

Compromise is a crucial part of every healthy relationship. We all have to compromise now and then to ensure a fair and equitable relationship where no one feels used. However, if you are the only one compromising, and your partner never makes any concessions in the relationship, even when something is extremely important to you, it might be time to let go. Eventually, you’ll start to feel used and taken advantage of and will begin to resent your partner. Before it comes to that, let go and find someone who wants a real relationship.

4.  You Don’t Feel Comfortable Sharing Your Dreams

Do you constantly have to think before you speak? You don’t feel like you can share your dreams with your partner or are afraid to talk about your desires. You fear being ridiculed for your ambitions or are made to feel that they can’t be achieved. Conversations about important issues are hard and do not flow well between the two of you. If real communication is lacking even after you have tried to improve it, then maybe it’s time to let go and find someone who you can share your thoughts and goals with.

5.  They Keep Looking Down On You

If you’re with someone who constantly criticizes your every move, calls you a failure, makes you feel embarrassed in front of others, and always tells you that you should thank your lucky stars for them staying with you, it’s time to let go (NOW!). You don’t deserve nor should you stand for that type of abuse in a relationship.

6.  Too Many Chances

You’re with someone who keeps breaking your trust. After every incident, they promise you it will never happen again but somehow it magically keeps happening again. It is because you’re not a priority for them, and they know you will take their disloyalty and stay. Seeing the tears in your eyes and the hurt in your voice does not phase your partner and never will. It’s time to let go and find someone who makes you a priority in their life and wouldn’t dream of causing tears in your eyes.

7.  Only Physically Attracted To You

If you ended up with someone who only admires your body and never listens to your feelings, you ended up with a shallow person. While physical intimacy is important, it should not define your relationship. If your partner is only interested in your looks, imagine what would happen if your looks started to fade. There will always be someone more attractive than you, so if beauty is all your partner desires, let go and find someone who not only loves your body but your soul and mind.

8.  Forced Love

True love happens naturally. There is a process by which feelings for another person is built over time. Sometimes those feelings wanes and you are no longer in love with your partner. If this happens to you, and your partner is no longer “in love” with you, don’t try to guilt them into staying with you. They may love you but no longer in a romantic way and don’t want to see you hurt. They may stay out of some sense of obligation. But they are not happy, and there is no way you can be happy with such a situation. Let go, you both deserve better.

9.  Promises Are Always Broken

Relationships are built on trust, companionship and communication. If your partner is always making promises that they don’t keep, a partner that talks a good game but seldom delivers, it may be time to let go. Your partner does not value you enough to keep their word. If your partner sees no downside to breaking promise after promise they will never make you a priority in their lives. Time to let go.

10.  They Want You to Be Someone You’re Not

Letting go of someone you’re in love with is one of the hardest things in the world to do, but if the person you’re with expects you to be someone you’re not it may be time to let go. Especially if your partner wants you to be more like their ex. Maybe that’s what attracted them to you in the first place, or maybe they want you to be docile when you’re very vocal and opinionated. No matter how much you love your partner if you can’t be yourself then your relationship is a lie and will not succeed. Let go and find someone who will love you for you.

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