10 Signs You Are With Mr. Wrong

Find someone who treats you like you want to be treated, with love, and respect, someone who makes you happy. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself and the relationship your in, someone you can envision a future with. If your partner is exhibiting any of these signs, maybe you haven’t found that person and are with the wrong one.

1.  You can’t be yourself

We all put on our best face when we start dating someone new. We may even hold our tongue on things that annoy us but if after dating someone for several months you just never feel completely relaxed around them then you may be with the wrong person.  If your friends look at you like “who is this person” because you seem to change when you are with your partner, you may be with the wrong man. If you can’t be who you truly are with your significant other, then it’s time to think carefully about what you are doing in the relationship. Sacrificing who you are for a relationship never works.

2. They never introduce you to their circle

If you are with someone who won’t introduce you to their friends or family, this is not a good sign. Red flags should be waving in your head as to why he doesn’t want others to know you are a couple. If your most trusted friends are expressing concerns about your relationship, take heart. They may be able to see things more objectively than you, so it’s important to be open and hear what they have to say. You are most likely with the wrong person

3.  Too many negative vibes

No matter how positive you are, if you are in a relationship with someone who is negative most of the time, it will start to suck the life right out of you. If they always seem to have something to complain about or just have a negative outlook on life, you might be with the wrong person. The person you choose to spend your life with should lift you up rather than drag you down. Your relationship shouldn’t feel like “work” most of the time.

4.  What you see is what you get

You like the person you are dating and tell yourself that if I could change just a few of his character traits then maybe we could have a long lasting relationship. Wrong! If there are qualities about your partner that you can’t stand or hope will change with just a little probing, you are living in denial. The odds are the person you see before you will not change for the better just because you want them to. If there are things about their life that they wish to change, it may happen. But not because you want them to change. Find someone who doesn’t need changing for you to envision a long life together.

5.  Feeling suffocated

Do you feel like your partner is always around? You never have time to do the things that you love to do because he wants to monopolize all your time. Are you starting to feel suffocated and trapped like you are in a cage? In a healthy relationship, each partner is given space to peruse the things they love outside the relationship, things that keeps them happy and fulfilled. Sometimes it has to be about “me” not “us”. If your man doesn’t understand that then maybe you are with the wrong person.

6.  Disrespects your dreams

Does your partner disrespect your dreams or goals? In a strong relationship, partners try to help each other achieve their dreams, not laugh or call them crazy for having high ambitions. If your partner doesn’t encourage you to reach your dreams or is always putting you down for having high ambitions maybe he is not the right one for you.

7.  You’re not excited to hear from him

He calls you…and you send it to voicemail, you see a text from him and ignore it. Or sometimes you actually avoid him. You realize that you feel thoroughly ambivalent when you are around him. Many of us go through the motions and are so afraid to be alone that we stay in relationships that aren’t fulfilling. It’s not always going to be sunshine and roses in your relationship, and everyone needs some space to do their own thing, but you should feel happy to see him most of the time. If your relationship feels like a chore then maybe you’re with the wrong person.

8.  Constantly lying

If you partner is lying about small mistakes that he has committed and you are constantly catching him in silly lies then you are with the wrong man. A relationship should be based on loyalty and trust and if you can’t believe a word that your partner says then it is definitely time to move on.

9.  You’re unhappy

If you are generally a happy person but your happiness starts to wane whenever you are with your significant other, you are probably with the wrong person. While it’s true you are responsible for your happiness, they should certainly make our days a little brighter! Someone who is dating the right person consistently enjoys the relationship and feels a general sense of happiness.

10.  Your instincts scream Get Out!

We all have gut feelings about certain situations. As a general rule, the voices inside us are there for a reason, and they should be listened to. Don’t ignore the subtle red flags your subconscious is warning you about. The heart knows what it wants, but listen to your brain because sometimes it knows best. So if your gut is telling you that you are with Mr. Wrong, listen!