10 Signs Your Relationship is on The Right Track

Okay ladies, here’s the situation; you’ve been dating this guy for a few months, you like him a lot and you think the feeling is mutual, you just want to make sure that you are in a relationship that will last, a healthy one. You should know that you are not alone and a lot of women have at one point in their relationship wondered if their relationship is a good one. Here are ten signs that your relationship is on the right track.

  1. He Keeps His Promises

Does he promise that he will take you out for dinner only for him to call and cancel or worse, not show up at all? Does he say he will call you at 7.pm and he doesn’t? If he doesn’t keep his promises now, what makes you think he will in the future? He might have excuses as to why he doesn’t keep his promises and some of them could be genuine but if he constantly breaks his promises, that’s a red flag.

  1. He Respects You

Ladies, it doesn’t take a lot to figure out if a guy respects you. The way he talks to you, the way he handles you and the way he talks to you in front of his friends, family members and co-workers matters a lot. Watch closely how he treats other women like his sisters, his mother or even the waitress. If he disrespects them, chances are he will disrespect you too.

  1. He Is Affectionate

Forget about all those things you see in movies where guys bring their women flowers or leave them little gifts every morning. Let’s be realistic. Men are different and they have different ways of showing affection. If you are sick, he might not cuddle with you in bed until you feel better but he will take you to hospital or prepare some chicken soup for you. In short, he takes care of you when you need him to.

  1. You Compliment Each Other

Even though you are in a relationship with him, he still allows you to pursue your dreams and he helps you when you are stuck. You, on the other hand also do the same for him. You don’t hold each other back. You both support each other to achieve your individual dreams and goals.

  1. You Have The Same Values

This is very important because it could be the source of all arguments in your relationship. If you plan on having kids some day, your values will determine how you will raise them. When it comes to making decisions, your values will determine how you make them. When you are on the same page, you will agree on most things and avoid arguments.

  1. He Spends time With You

Not just on Mondays or on Thursdays…he should also be open to spend weekends with you. He shouldn’t value spending time with his friends more than he does with you.

  1. You Talk About The Future

What’s the point of being in a relationship if he doesn’t see a future with you? He should be willing to discuss what the future holds and the expectations you have for it. You should both be on the same page to avoid disappointment.

  1. You Give Each Other Space

You should spend time together but this doesn’t mean you should hang out together all the time. He should give you space to hang out with your friends or take up a hobby. If he is too clingy, it could be a bad sign.

  1. You Are Both Willing To Compromise

If it’s always his way or the highway then something is definitely wrong with your relationship. He should be willing to compromise every once in a while. It’s only fair that you both take turns with choices. If you are the one who always has to compromise then you might end up resenting the relationship and your man.

  1. He Has Introduced You To Friends And Family

Six months down the road and you haven’t met his family yet or at least a few of his friends. He tells you it’s because he isn’t ready to show you off to the world. Yeah right. It’s because of one of these three things: he is just not that into you, he is married or has a serious girlfriend that everybody knows about.

There you have it, ten signs you are in a healthy relationship. Relationships are tough and you both have to work really hard to make it work. But if you can’t see any of these ten signs in your relationship, then perhaps it’s time you took a step back and asked yourself if it’s all worth it or check out “That’s Not How Men Work” to get the healthy relationship you desire.