10 Signs You’re Involved With a Real Man

A real man is in full control of himself. He is unafraid to speak his mind, stand his ground, fall wildly in love, or show his affection. As a woman, there’s nothing better than being in the presence of a man who is confident of  his masculinity.   Someone who doesn’t need to resort to chest-pounding or cat-calling to prove he is a man, but doing so by showing the confident reserve of a gentleman.  If you are wondering, here are some signs that you are involved with a real man.

1.  Doesn’t take your relationship for granted

Does your man show you that your relationship is important to him? Not just by doing the big things like staying faithful and communicating but little things like cooking dinner or dropping off your dry cleaning. And even though it’s not his job to make you happy (it’s yours) he does everything in his power to make sure a smile is always on your face. If so, you are dating a real man.

2.  Will give you the credit you deserve

A real man is proud of his girl when she accomplishes her goals and is not afraid to praise her in front of family and friends. He does not feel threaten if you surpass him financially or professionally. A real man revels in your success and considers himself lucky to have a woman who is ambitious and accomplished.

3.  He can contain his jealousy

Everyone feels jealousy for their loved ones at some point in their relationship. A real man may be concerned about other men hitting on you, but he knows that you are faithful and would never cheat on him. He takes pride in others wanting what he has and would not think about letting his jealousy get out of hand or embarrass you in any way.

4.  He is a gentleman

I know some women feel offended if a man tries to open a door for her, pulls out her chair, or helps her with her coat. A real man will attempt to do these things not because he thinks you are the weaker sex but because he is gentle enough to care about the comfort of those around him and especially the people he cares about. But, he understands and is not offended if you prefer to forgo these niceties.

5.  Does not invade your privacy

A real grown-ass man will not snoop in your drawers, check your computer browser history or check your cell phone to see who is calling or texting you. As long as you don’t give him a reason to be suspicious, he will have confidence in your relationship and trust you. He values your privacy as much as his own.

6.  Does not run away from tough situations

Regardless of how tough or uncomfortable a situation is, a real man will approach it with you head-on. He will not run away from or put off hard decisions and will include you in any brain-storming session to resolve issues that arise together.

7.  He gives you time to breathe

You should, obviously, be a priority in his life, but you both need time for yourselves, or to hang out with friends. Your relationship should be an incredible part of your life, but not consume your entire life. A grown man will understand this and give you the space you need to ensure your relationship remains healthy.

8.  He doesn’t blame others for his problems

A grown man doesn’t complain and blame others for his problems, because he knows complaining and blaming doesn’t yield results.  He knows the only way to solve issues is by putting his nose to the grind and making things happen. He admits his mistakes and takes steps to correct them. He’s a real grown-ass man not a whining boy.

9.  Has ambitions of his own

There is nothing sexier than a man who has attainable ambitions and sets things in motion to accomplish his goals. Just as he wouldn’t think about discouraging you from reaching your dreams, you have to be woman enough to support him in obtaining his. A grown man will know the difference between obtainable dreams and pipe dreams and will do what it takes to include you in any decisions needed to reach his goals.

10. Looks are not that important

Even though he may have been attracted to you because of your looks, it’s not why he stayed. A real man will be attracted to your personality, your brainpower, your kindness, who you are as a person. I’m not saying that he doesn’t take pride in showing you off at your best, I’m saying a grown man who is in love with you sees your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty.  If you haven’t already, click here to find a “real” man.