10 Things Women Can Do to Be Successful in Life

Ladies, isn’t it devastating to date a man who promises you the world but leaves you twisting in the wind once you give it up? It’s even worse when you are not doing so well financially. The good news is that you don’t have to curl up in bed and cry or sit in front of the TV and eat a whole tub of ice cream to drown out your sorrows. Here are ten things you can do to improve your chances of being successful, not only in your relationships, but in life.

1.  Stay away from novelettes

The problem with ladies is that we are sometimes brainwashed by Novelettes. We want a man who is six feet tall, has a six pack, is handsome, witty, sexy, intelligent, can read our minds and is rich. There is no such guy in this life so ladies you need to be a little realistic when choosing your men.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to lower your standards; it just means you need to stop looking for the perfect guy because he doesn’t exist.

2.  Get your life in order

Men can tell when your life is a complete mess. Most men will run away from you as fast as they can because they are not about to deal with your drama. Here’s the thing about having your life in order… you focus on the right things, and you are happier.

You won’t carry excess baggage into your next relationship or your next job. If you have ever had to deal with a man who carried baggage from his previous relationship, then you know what it feels like.

3.  You are what you attract

So you think you don’t deserve that high paying job even though you have the skills? You probably don’t because you only believe you attract low paying jobs with a low skill set. So you think you don’t deserve the good looking alpha male you’ve been eying all night? You probably don’t because you think you only deserve the ugly, lazy man who has no future ahead of him.

“The world is a great mirror; it reflects back to what you are.” So what’s the point of this beautiful quote from Thomas Dreier? It means that if you are confident, you will attract a confident man. If you work hard, you will attract a hardworking man. It’s all in the mind ladies. Adjust your attitude and start believing in yourself.

4.  Get out of your comfort zone

Ladies you have been doing the same thing over and over, and you wonder why nothing changes. It’s time to try something new. Date a different type of guy and see how that works out. Don’t like your current job? Look for a better one…hell, start your own business. No one ever became successful by sticking to their comfort zone. Take a risk and approach that good looking alpha male. Flirt a little but take care not to come off as a sleaze. Approach that CEO and tell him why his company needs you.

5.  Stop repeating the same mistakes

We have all made mistakes in the past but somehow you find yourself repeating the same ones over and over. You dated the bad guy, but he broke your heart. You dated another one, and he did the same thing to you. You dated a guy who abused you, and you left him. He apologized, and you got back together. He abused you again, but you continue seeing him. You spend too much money on clothes and shoes. You don’t have any savings. You are constantly broke. It’s time to break the cycle and start doing things the right way.

6.  Get rid of poisonous friends

You know those friends who seem to have really “great” advice about relationships when they are single? Or the ones who know everything about what it takes to become successful but still are struggling to pay their bills? You should ditch them and look for new friends.

When you hang around a certain crowd of people, you start acting like them and eventually become them. If you hang around successful people, you learn how to be successful and eventually become successful. Same case applies when you hang around people who have successful relationships. They introduce you to great guys and you start your journey towards a successful relationship.

7.  Re-invent yourself

We all have insecurities. If it’s not about our physical appearance, it’s about our skills. Whatever the case, you need to work on your insecurities and re-invent yourself. If it’s something that you can change like losing a few pounds or simply changing your wardrobe, then you should do it.

If it’s something you can’t change like a large forehead then figure out a way to deal with it. Wear your flaws like a badge of honor. No one will poke fun at you because you already make fun of your flaws. In fact, most people will admire your confidence and ability to recognize and make fun of your flaws. They will see that your physical flaws don’t define who you are.

8.  Have your “me” time

No matter how successful you become or how much time you allot to becoming successful, one thing you must do is set aside some time just for you. No boyfriend, no boss, no clients, just you. Having your “me” time is important because it gives you a chance to relax and get away from all things related to work and relationships.

Get yourself a mani-pedi, take a nature walk or find a hobby you enjoy. Making time for yourself will boost your energy and keep you inspired to do bigger and better things. You’ll be amazed at how many new ideas will just pop in your head once you cleared your mind of everyday stresses.

9.  Don’t stop learning

You know how some women just stop working on their relationship once they get a ring on a certain finger? She no longer thinks she needs to learn new ways to make sure the relationship continues to work and not become stale. What about that woman who does everything she can to get her dream job but once she gets it, she stops being the hardworking go-getter she was before?

Don’t be that type of woman who stops trying to improve on herself once they get what they want. Successful people are always learning new ways to improve on what they have.

10.  Treat yourself the right way

Always appreciate yourself. If you don’t treat yourself the right way, what makes you think someone else will? Take care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy and getting enough sleep.

These ten things should help kick start your journey towards a successful relationship and happiness in general. Remember that successful people don’t expect perfection. So stop wasting your time and energy trying to be perfect or looking for the perfect guy.   written by: Jackline K.

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