10 Things Women Do That Drives Men Crazy

You love your man, but your relationship seems to have stalled and at times have regressed. Your goal is to keep him with you forever. But, you might be doing things that irritate him, or push him away resulting in your relationship not moving forward. You can avoid that, by knowing these ten things that drive him kind of crazy and stops him from taking the relationship to the next level.

1. Always asking him what he’s thinking

It is always a surprise to your man when out of the blue you ask him what he is thinking. One minute you guys are having a relaxing evening and then you hurl questions at him when he least expects it.

Always asking him what he is thinking will annoy him, and he will eventually shut you out.

2. You say, “I’m fine” when you’re really not

You were so angry at something and when he asks, “are you okay” and you say you are fine. So he goes about his business, and you get angrier. That is confusing for him, and you got to admit, it’s a little crazy.

Men are simple. He will take whatever you say at face value. So be direct. No taking the long way around. He will appreciate you more than hiding what you really want to say.

3. Being WAY overly emotional

It’s okay to feel emotions. It’s okay to cry. But, all the time? Every movie? That is just awkward for him because he doesn’t know what to do.  Try toning your emotions down a little around him. Make him feel happy with you and not avoid you because you’re an emotional roller coaster.

4. Non-stop talking

Your guy might be entertained with all your elaborate and detailed stories. But, make sure you are direct. Get straight to the point of your story and then end it. Don’t go round and round with the same story that should take 10 minutes to finish but took you 3 hours!

It isn’t fair to your guy, and he stopped listening 2 hours and 30 minutes ago. Let your man get in a few words and listen to what he is saying. The more he talks, the more you will know about him.

5. Using sex as a weapon

C’mon, using your man’s basic needs to get what you want isn’t fair. And it creates resentment.  Look, you want to keep him with you right? If yes, then don’t give him a reason to look for someone else who can provide something that you deprive him of.

6. Too much makeup

Contrary to what most women believe. Men don’t like women who have a lot of makeup on her face and who looks almost like a clown. You want him to see you as beautiful right? Then, be natural. Wear makeup that accentuates you and not the opposite.

The rule of makeup stands: You should wear it – but in a way that he can’t tell you’re wearing it.

7. Talking about your Ex

NEVER compare your guy to your ex. They are not the same.  Don’t talk about your past relationships unless you are in a very comfortable state with your guy. Talking about your past, how it ended, how your ex was a jerk will only make your man think maybe there’s something wrong with you.

8. Virtual stalking

It won’t look good to your guy if you’re consistently eying his Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. That will only make him feel weird about you. He’ll think that you’re an insecure woman – and a natural stalker.

Don’t make him feel that he is under a microscope, that everything he says and do is monitored. If he feels that you don’t trust him, especially if he has done nothing for you to feel that way, he will start to resent you. Give him his space. He WILL appreciate you for it.

9. Bring in the girlfriends all the time

When you’re with your guy, YOU ARE WITH YOUR GUY. Not with your girlfriends. Your friends need not know everything that goes on between the two of you. Have a little bit of privacy.

And besides, your single girlfriends will probably only give you negative advice based from their own messed up relationships. Just concentrate on you and your man.

10. Asking senseless questions

Questions like “what dress to wear, am I pretty, do I look fat” are best asked when you are with your girlfriends and not with your man.

Don’t put your guy in the awkward position of having to tell you that “yeah, you have put on a few pounds, or yeah that dress you just spent a mint on is ugly.” Ask your girlfriends, that’s what they’re for.

If you avoid these ten mistakes women make with guys, it will alleviate some arguments, keep you both sane and help you have a healthy relationship.