10 Ways to Overcome Insecurity in Your Relationships

You do not have to be your boyfriend’s servant and mother. You and your partner should be on equal footing, and you should not be afraid to make time for yourself. If your boyfriend does not understand that you need me time once in a while, you need a new boyfriend.

#4. Understand that Your Partner Still Has Eyes
He’s a man. He can’t help looking at an attractive woman from time to time. If he didn’t respond to good looking women, he wouldn’t be your boyfriend in the first place. Learn to stop obsessing about every wayward glance, and resist the urge to punish your boyfriend for a mere look.

Being understanding about the nature of men does not mean ignoring things that should make you jealous. Things like talking to another woman without your knowledge, talking to an old girlfriend on Facebook and flirting with his secretary should raise your ire.

#5. Don’t Sell Yourself Short
If every boyfriend you ever had has turned out to be a jerk, you might need to look in the mirror for the real problem. If you are insecure about your attractiveness and your value, you are likely to settle for less than you deserve.

Stop devaluing yourself. You deserve a good relationship, and life is too short to stay with a creep. There are plenty of great guys out there. Your job is to find one.

#6. Don’t Be Afraid of Being Alone
Some women are so afraid of being single that they put up with crap just to keep the guy around. There is something worse than not having a boyfriend – having a boyfriend who does not value you and see your true worth.