10 Ways to Overcome Insecurity in Your Relationships

Overcoming insecurity is more difficult if you have been hurt before. Whether he was a no-good cheating boyfriend or just a jerk, he left you questioning your self-worth and wondering if love is worth the trouble.

It might be hard, but letting go of those past hurts is an important part of the healing process. It helps to have a sense of humor as well. You might not think that breakup was funny at the time, but in time you can learn to laugh about your crazy ex.

#10. Put Down Your Baggage
If you have enough baggage to start your own airline, it is time to put it all behind you and let go. Letting go of the past is hard, but letting the past wreck your future is even worse.

The past is one thing you will never be able to change, so stop obsessing about it and move on. You would never drive your car by looking in the rear-view mirror. It is time to look through the windshield and embrace the future.  by Jackie K.