3 Signs He Loves Himself More Than He Loves You

Dating a man who is confident is good. He won’t be clingy or constantly asking if you really love him and want to be with him. There is such thing as too much confidence though and this can result in a relationship that is very one sided. Here are three signs that the man you’re dating loves himself more than he loves you.

1. He talks about himself and only himself
If the man you’re dating can find any excuse to talk about himself, he’s probably more into himself than he is into you. This type of man will come loaded with topics to discuss that revolve around his life. If you try to talk about something you did, saw, or heard, he will use it to mention something similar he experienced and suddenly you’re quietly listening to him speak again. This type of man will always have an opinion, thought, or idea that he must interject into your conversation.

2. He lets you know just how much women love him
Whether or not it’s true, this kind of man will let you know how attractive he is to other woman. It may all be in his head, but he thinks he’s so amazing that even a smile from a passing woman on the street will mean she wants him. From the way he speaks you may get the impression that women are knocking down his door and blowing up his phone just to get to him. He may even let you know how lucky you are that he chose you. If the man your dating has this attitude about himself, he’s probably more in love with himself than he is with you.

3. He thinks you should revolve around his schedule
A man who loves himself too much will expect others, including you, to work around his schedule. He’s not willing to do the same for you though because you can’t possibly be as busy or important as he is. If you have to work late, he won’t want to push back your dinner date because it will interfere with his beauty sleep or plans he made with his friends for after your date. If something should suddenly come up for him that requires a change of schedule, he will expect you to be flexible.

A man who loves himself more than he loves anyone else will be difficult to have a relationship with. His focus will always be on himself and you will come second, if you’re lucky.