4 Bad Excuses For Dumping Your Boyfriend

Every relationship has its ups and downs. It’s getting through the down moments that will make you a stronger couple. If you break up at every little speed bump, you won’t learn how to overcome issues together. This article outlines four bad excuses for breaking up with your boyfriend.

1. You keep expecting a ring that never comes
Before you dump your boyfriend over an expectation that you have, it’s important that you have a discussion with him about your hopes for the future. You don’t want to pressure him or give him an ultimatum about popping the question, but you do need to know he sees the same for your future as you do. Dumping your boyfriend because you don’t receive a ring on your birthday, anniversary, or holiday is not a good enough reason.

2. You want him to prove his feelings for you
If you break up with your boyfriend so that he will come running back to you, this could backfire on you. You may end up losing a guy you really like for good. Men can usually see through this type of manipulation and refuse to play into it. Never break up with a guy to make sure he really loves you. If you really love him, you won’t play those kind of games.

3. You overreact without talking to him
If you see a post made a woman on your boyfriend’s Facebook page and immediately think he’s cheating on you and dump him, that’s your insecurity shining through and not reality. Before you dump your boyfriend over something someone else did, talk to him. People don’t like to be accused of misdeeds without being given a chance to explain.

4. He accepts your offer to pay for a date
If you offer to pay for a date, don’t get upset when he accepts. These are the days of modern dating and you should pay for dates now and then. It’s doesn’t make a man more gentlemanly if he pays for every single date. Don’t use these actions to test your boyfriend and how much he’s willing to do for you.

Relationships aren’t always smooth-sailing, but if you’re committed to making yours work it’s important to stop breaking up with your boyfriend over every little thing.

by aprilaragam

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