4 Fairy Tale Relationship Ideas You Need To Give Up

It’s not uncommon for women to want relationships that play out like fairy tales. Fairy tales are fun to read and watch, but they are complete fiction. You can’t expect the same kind of relationship to occur in your real life.  Here are four fairy tale relationship ideas you need to let go of.

1. He’s going to rescue you
Expecting a man to come to rescue you from whatever trouble you’re in is not as romantic as it sounds. Do you really want to lack the skills to save yourself? Playing the role of the damsel in distress might work to boost his ego for a little while, but it won’t be as good for your self-esteem. Trouble with your boss, car or finances are things you should attempt to handle yourself. There won’t always be someone around to help you out of a jam.

2. He’s going to be the entire perfect package
If you’re hoping to find a man who looks like a model, acts like a hero, has exceptional smarts and makes a lot of money, you’re probably going to be disappointed. This kind of perfect man can only be found in romance novels and fairy tales. No one is perfect, and wasting your time looking for that Prince Charming with zero flaws will only leave you disappointed.

3. You’re never going to argue
You’re going to disagree and argue sometimes. That’s how relationships work in real life. There are few, if any, couples who never disagree. You’re not dating someone who is exactly like you, so you’re not always going to agree. In real relationships both partners have to compromise. In fairy tales the prince may constantly give in to keep his princess happy, but don’t expect such an easy time with a real man.

4. You’re going to have fancy dates all the time
People tend to go all-out at the beginning of relationships. There might be expensive dinners, dancing and dressing up. The frequency of these types of dates tends to go down over the course of a relationship. This doesn’t mean they will never happen again, but you cannot expect the fancy dates every single weekend.

It’s unreasonable to expect your life to play out like a fairy tale. Your relationship can be good, even great, but it won’t be perfect all of the time. Good relationships aren’t good because there are never any problems or obstacles to overcome. They are good because of how you work together to overcome issues and improve your life together.  by aprilgram