4 First Date Tips For Men

First dates can be awkward and uncomfortable. You want to do what you can to make things go a little more smoothly for both parties. If you’ve asked a woman out and are looking for ways to have a good first date, this article outlines four tips you can use.

1. Go somewhere comfortable
Sometimes people want to go above and beyond on a first date in order to impress. Going to a fancy restaurant is nice, but it may not be comfortable for both parties. Choose a first date that doesn’t require either of you to step too far out of your comfort zone. If you’re going out for a meal, choose a place that isn’t fancy, but still requires you to wear something nice. If you have a place you enjoy eating and think your date might also like it, suggest it. By knowing the place you’re going to, you can offer suggestions to your date if she is unsure what to get. First dates can be awkward, so it’s important to stay inside your comfort zone to make things a little bit easier. You may also decide to opt for a date that doesn’t require a lot of eating because people can become very self-conscious when eating with someone new.

2. Let the conversation flow naturally