5 Huge Signs of a Relationship on the Rocks

The emotions behind intimate relationships can sweep you off your feet or wreak havoc on your soul. A woman can be swept away in love, or she can be broken by a lopsided relationship that tears her apart while she doesn’t even know the difference. If you are doing time in a match not made in heaven, it’s time to see the signs and get out.

There are many signs of a rotting relationship, but if one of these 4 happen to describe your situation, then you need to ditch him ASAP.

1. He’s lying: When your partner starts making excuses for spending time together, you no longer feel like a priority.  They may feel guilty about lying and don’t really want to hurt you, but they continue to avoid seeing you.  Making excuses or keeping secrets is the same as lying when their intention is to hide things that they know would hurt you.  Lying might mean they don’t know how to tell you they are not ready for a serious relationship and want to take it slow. Or it could be a sign they are trying to end the relationship but are too much of a coward to tell you the truth.

2. Your man is emotionally elsewhere: We aren’t talking about daydreaming or occasional distractions. We are talking about a habitual drifting where it becomes obvious to you that your man’s mind is as far off as the clouds. The magic just isn’t happening anymore. You feel alone now when he’s sitting right next to you, but you keep saying it will pass.

You’ve justified it (he’s been working extra hard, he’s always struggled with his demons), but when will it be his fault and not require more of your patience?

If you can’t find common ground beyond sex, then ask yourself if this relationship is worth it. If his mind is elsewhere now, do you really want to burn more time waiting for him to drift back to you? Do you think he ever will?

3. You keep thinking it’s you: You fight (a lot more than normal), but when you rethink things, you come to the conclusion that somehow it is your fault. It happens once, and then again, and then again. The strong words thrown at you aren’t insults or harassment, just corrections because it’s you who screwed up. It must be! At some point, the disrespect must stop. Be rid of this relationship and take back control before it becomes even harder to do so.

4. You end up making all the plans: You spring the ideas. You map out the plans and bring them to fruition. You go back over the plans and spot some wrinkles and he quietly and passively agrees to the changes. Maybe it’s just a simple outing, like dinner or a movie, but he seems not to care. Maybe an anniversary or a birthday party comes along, and it’s somehow always you who puts things together or he’d totally forget. Not good!

At this stage, he is just along for the ride. He is not wanting to salvage anything at this point, but you can bet your money he’s been looking for any opportunity to split with as little fuss as possible. Cut ties now! You have been warned!

5. Your man won’t show you off: Has your current relationship been somehow made into a secret? Maybe he’s just “a private person,” like he keeps saying. Well, is that okay with you? Could it be that this is because your man doesn’t adore you like he should and that he probably doesn’t really love you enough to shout it from the rooftops? Maybe he is ashamed of you. Do you want to be around someone who is ashamed of you?

In all cases, ladies, you deserve better!  by Zach Henderson