4 Texting Habits That Are Killing Your Game

As a woman, it’s important to be aware of how your texting habits come across to others. You always want to be yourself, but you might be inadvertently sending out signals you don’t intend to. Here are four texting habits that might be ruining your chances of getting the man you want.

1. You initiate all texts

You think that sending a “good morning” text every day will show him how much you care and put you in the forefront of his mind, but what it really does is show him that you’re always thinking about him. If you’ve just started talking to a man via text, you don’t want to appear too eager for his attention. By spending too much of your time texting him he will get the impression that you don’t have a life and are now using him to fill it.

When you do initiate a conversation with the man you’re interested in, don’t be mundane. Tell him something that will pique his interest. Tell him about the course you just signed up for or the fitness class you finished. More often than not though let him text you first. This is a good way to know whether he’s interested in you or not. A man who is interested will text you, but doesn’t necessarily mean he will text you first thing every morning. It’s important to be patient.

2. You play games

Playing games is always a bad idea and men are usually aware of when it’s being done. If you time your texts and reply exactly an hour after he texts you, this is easy to spot. If you constantly talk about all of the other men you’re talking to, this will be seen as a desperate act to get attention from him. Most men don’t like or play into these games. Game playing is for people who are insecure, want attention, or like to be in control of the situation.

3. You don’t leave him wanting more

When you get into a texting conversation, don’t be too eager to keep the conversation going that you bombard him with texts. If a man is interested in you, he won’t move on to someone else if you haven’t replied immediately. You can leave him wanting more by cutting a good conversation short to get back to what you were working on before it began. This will show him that you’re not only interesting, but you have a life and don’t need him to entertain you.

4. You are generally boring

If you’re not interesting via text, you won’t hold a man’s attention or give him any reason to ask you out. Never give one word or one letter (“K” or “oh”) replies. These replies don’t move the conversation forward and will bore the man you are texting with. You can’t expect him to keep the conversation going by myself or keep coming back to you if you have a habit of letting a conversation die.

Whether you are dating in real life or online you’ll want to be seen as good dating material. You want to be someone he wants to spend more time with. When your dating journey begins via text, it’s important that you make the best first impression possible. -Lisa P.