5 Reasons Why Your Relationship Has Lost Its Spark

It’s normal for relationships to cool down after a while. You no longer get that giddy feeling you once did when he turned the corner. You still enjoy your time with him, but there’s something missing. If you’ve been dating someone for a while, it’s normal for things to become comfortable and sometimes routine. You don’t want to become complacent, though, because that can ruin your relationship. This article outlines five reason why your relationship is no longer exciting.

1.  You stopped having your own life

It’s extremely important to continue having a life of your own no matter what stage of your relationship you’re in. You can’t cling to your boyfriend constantly. You can share activities and friends, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your own as well. Being able to do your own thing without your boyfriend will help you hold on to a bit of your independence. If you start sitting at home waiting around for your boyfriend all the time, you may feel left out when he continues to have his own life. Being a couple doesn’t mean you have to stop having your own life.

2.  You don’t make time for sex

Hopefully the enjoyment and excitement of sex with your boyfriend never wears off, but busy lives can often make us too tired at the end of the day. It’s important to make time for intimacy. It’s easier to sit in front of the TV with a pizza, but it’s important to choose to keep your relationship healthy as well. Sex can be a great stress relief. If you don’t have time for a date night, try giving each other massages. The quality time is good for your relationship and can improve your sex life.

3.  You’ve let yourself go

If you’ve gotten complacent in your relationship, you may have noticed yourself gaining some weight because you are less active and eating more. It’s normal for this to happen in a relationship because you do become so comfortable with each other. It’s important to stay fit and healthy as you would when you’re single. You want to be your best for yourself, your boyfriend, and your relationship. If you’ve both let yourself go, try getting active as a couple. You’ll both feel better about yourselves and this can put the spark back into your relationship.

4.  Manners and modesty no longer exist

When you become comfortable with someone, it’s common to begin burping and passing gas in front of each other. You may even go to the bathroom in front of each other. These things can really ruin the romance in a relationship. You become much too comfortable with each other and everything that was once kept private is suddenly out in the open. Keep private things private whenever possible. Always retain your manners. Don’t stop saying please and thank you. Manners make people feel appreciated and respected.

5.  You don’t communicate

You won’t always have deep conversation with your partner, but it is important to ask about each others day and listen intently while stories are being told. Don’t act uninterested or walk away when your partner is talking. Remember to ask questions about your boyfriend’s interests and hobbies. Be open to talking about yours as well. If you’re upset or sad, tell your boyfriend so. He can’t read your mind.

If your relationship has lost its spark, there are things you can do to spice things up again. Be willing and eager to try new things. If you’ve gotten into bad habits, work on fixing them as a couple. A relationship that has lost its spark is not doomed.  By: aprilaragam

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