5 Signs The Male You’re Dating Isn’t Quite a Man Yet

Being young at heart will always be an attractive quality, but being a man-child is the farthest thing from sexy. You don’t want to date a guy that you need to take care of and reassure constantly. You want a man who can handle things on his own.

1. He doesn’t support your dreams

A man, especially one who loves you, will support your dreams no matter how wild and crazy they may seem. He might not understand them, but if they make you happy, he’s behind you all the way. If you’re just dating an immature male, he’ll not only belittle your dreams, but he’ll make you feel guilty for having them. After all, having goals means he’s not always the center of your universe and he can’t stand that.

2. He thinks every man you talk to want to get in your pants

You’re obviously a babe and get plenty of attention from guys, but that doesn’t mean you encourage them or are asking for it. Instead of being flattered that his girlfriend gets attention, your not-quite-grownup boyfriend will act as if you’re to blame for the attention you’re getting. He thinks the goal of all men who speak to you is to get into your pants. He’s probably even asked you to stop speaking to other men altogether because he’s so insecure.

3. He thinks you being jealous equals love

You can tell him a million times that you love him and shower him with affection, but he has this sick need to constantly make you jealous. If you don’t show the amount of jealousy he expects, he’s convinced that you just don’t care about him anymore. When the girl he works with talks to him during lunch break, he’ll want you to throw a hissy fit. When you don’t, he accuses you of just not loving him. This is going to get extremely annoying when he doesn’t let a day pass without letting you know that a woman looked at him, asked him for directions, or touched his arm as she moved past him.

4. Inappropriate behavior

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