6 Signs He’s Not The Right Man For You

If you’re going to spend your life with someone, it should be a man you know you can go to when you need comfort. Life isn’t always good times and celebrations. There are going to be bad days and disappointments to deal with. When you’re dating a man, you should be able to go to him with any problems that you’re having. This doesn’t mean you should vent to him constantly about drama with friends and family, but when you have a legitimate problem you need to discuss and get feedback on you should be able to turn to him. A man who loves you should be eager to comfort you when you need it.

4. He wants different things from life

You can love your boyfriend more than you’ve loved anyone else, but if you dream of getting married and having a family and he doesn’t, he’s not the right man for you. You can’t make a man change his mind about these things. You also shouldn’t change your mind about things that matter to you in order to keep a man. If you know what you want in life and your boyfriend doesn’t want those things, he’s not the right man for you.

5. He takes out his frustrations on you

If the man you’re dating has a stressful life and deals with it by lashing out at you, he is not the man you should be with. You are not an emotional punching bag for a boyfriend. If he blames you when things don’t go right, this is a red flag and you should get out of the relationship. This behavior is unacceptable from anyone you’re dating and you shouldn’t even consider moving forward with someone who acts like this when things don’t go his way.

6. You’re disinterested in sex