6 Types of Women Men Should Not Consider Dating

While men usually are blamed for ruining relationships (with good reason), they are not always at fault. From overly controlling women to nit-picking buzz killers, there are certain types of women men should run from as fast as possible.

Hot-and-Cold Girl

You know the hot-and-cold girl. She’s the one who can’t get enough of you one minute and hates you the next. In the dating world, it is normal for people to feel unsure and need time to make up their minds. But if you find that her mercurial moodiness is turning into a power trip, it is time to make up her mind for her and show her the door. You deserve someone who can appreciate you as much as you appreciate them. Also keep in mind that some women enjoy being chased and often expect you to run after them when they quit calling or cancel dates. Don’t give in to these kinds of games. There are plenty of women out there with the confidence that comes with knowing what they want.

The Drama Queen

Imagine a woman telling you things no other woman has ever told you, and buying you expensive gifts. Sounds great, right? Wrong. The drama queen is known for hooking you by making you feel incredibly special, and then doing a complete 180. This type of woman will never be satisfied with a drama-free life, and may even have bouts of rage. Jealousy, mind games, anxiety, and mood swings make for great reality TV, not great relationships. Be wary of any woman who constantly complains or has a bleak outlook on life, as these are the red flags of a drama queen.

The Princess

Also known as the high-maintenance girl, the princess is more childlike than ladylike. This is a woman who expects to be taken care of in all aspects of her life. As her boyfriend, you will be expected to pay her bills, take her out for expensive dinners, and provide her with a line of credit (which you will pay for). You can recognize a princess by her inability to hold down a long-term job, relationship, or place of residence. Much like the female version of Peter Pan, the princess never wants to grow up. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life being a father figure, let her know you are looking for a grown-up woman.

The Smart Mouth

Confident, sassy women are great! But when her sassiness morphs into a smart mouth, you need to start reconsidering the relationship. The smart-mouthed woman oozes sarcasm and contempt in every conversation, and will battle to the end just to prove a point. Is this a person you would want to introduce to your mother? A confident woman knows how to hold a conversation without brow beating or bullying you into submission. Thinly veiled insults and undercover put-downs should never be accepted as witty banter.

The Clinger

The dreaded clingy woman has the ability to strike fear into the hearts of men everywhere. Crying, whining, excessive texting, and showing up unannounced are all signs that a woman cannot tolerate being alone. A clingy woman can be flattering at first — after all what man doesn’t appreciate his woman’s time and attention? But eventually, the constant badgering and suspicious accusations will sap you of emotional strength. Let her know that relationships work best when there is a balance of being together and being apart.

Just in Case Girl

This girl will keep you around as a backup option, “just in case” nothing better comes along. She may just be looking for something casual or is afraid to hurt your feelings. She might even be on the rebound. You can recognize this type of woman if she is fresh out of a relationship or cannot stop talking about her ex. There’s nothing fun about a woman using you to get over a past relationship. Move on. You can do better than being someone’s “fallback boy.”

While there are no guarantees in life, there are a few things to look for in a woman that can make the dating scene more enjoyable. If she doesn’t micromanage you, try to make you jealous or get you to take care of her, and if she has a life of her own, she’s probably a good catch. Dating should be a fun experience, one in which you learn more about what you want in life and a partner. But if you find that you are constantly attracting dating disasters, it may be time to get an outside perspective from a trained professional.