7 Dating Issues That Women Shouldn’t Ignore

The dating game is tough, no matter how old you are or what men you are interested in. Unfortunately, some women are so anxious to make a relationship work that they are willing to hold onto a guy regardless of the sorts of red flags he puts up. Here is a look at seven issues you shouldn’t ignore, especially when you first start to date someone new. It’s better to cut and run now than end up in a bad committed relationship down the line.

1. All He Cares About Is Sex – Sure, you’re probably physically attracted to a man if you are dating him, but sex shouldn’t be the only thing on either of your minds when you first go out. If a man even mentions sex on your first date, you can take it as a sign that he’s much more interested in a hookup than something that is going to last. Even once you “do it,” physical attraction shouldn’t be the only thing that keeps your relationship going, or it will be unlikely to actually lead anywhere.

2. His Attitude Is Always Negative – Not everything is always going to be perfect in anyone’s life, but a man should be able to take his mind off the negatives if your relationship is a positive one. Many men like to put themselves down around women as a way of fishing for compliments, but you need to fight the urge to stick up for a guy who really isn’t all that great. Break it off instead so that you don’t spend years of your life being dragged down by a negative person.

3. He Talks a Lot but Doesn’t Listen – Did you know your date’s entire life story by the time the dessert menu came? Could he say the same about you? If the man you’re dating is only interested in talking about himself, then you’ve got a problem. Relationships are a two-way street, and the guy you end up with needs to be as eager to hear your stories as he is to tell his own.

4. He’s Sneaky With His Cellphone – Be on the lookout when you are seeing a new guy who spends a lot of time texting or talking on the phone. If he seems like he needs a little too much privacy with his phone when he’s around you, then there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t be happy knowing who’s on the other end of those conversations.

5. He’s Mean When You Fight – You may have to be involved with a guy for a while before you experience your first fight, but the way that the two of you argue can really set a tone for the rest of the relationship. Take note of how he handles the disagreement. If he seems like he’s willing to compromise and listen to your side of the argument, then that’s a good sign. If he’s adamant about getting his way and it feels like he’s attacking you personally, however, it’s time for you to get out.

6. You Don’t Feel Like He Makes You a Priority – While neither of you wants a clinger, you should still feel like your partner is there when you need him. The man you are dating should be happy to accompany you to a friend’s wedding or come over at a moment’s notice if you are having an awful day. If you find that he’s always making excuses now, it’s likely to get worse as the newness of the relationship wears off.

7. He Opens Up a Little Too Quickly – Every relationship should progress naturally, but some guys are too eager to take things to the next level way too quickly. If you feel like the man you’re dating over-shares before you really know each other, then you might want to take fact as a sign that the pace he wants the relationship to move at outpaces what makes you comfortable.

No relationship is black and white, so you might not agree that all of these red flags are actually deal-breakers. Still, you need to look out for yourself when you are dating someone new in order to avoid getting in too deep with someone who’s actually bad news. Don’t be afraid to break things off with “Mr. Right Now.” Eventually, Mr. Right will come along.

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