7 Lies Mistresses Tell Themselves

Well, newsflash baby girl. You are just the side chic…stop promoting yourself to wife status. If he respected you he wouldn’t be with you while he’s married. So how exactly is your relationship any different from other tawdry affairs? You are still doing what other women do with married men; sneaking around behind their wives’ backs.

He will leave his family for me

So he keeps telling you he’ll leave his family when you start getting upset because he doesn’t give you as much attention as you want. He knows if you don’t stop throwing your temper tantrums he won’t be getting any sex. He paid for the hotel room and he damn sure isn’t going home without getting some. So the best way to calm you down is to promise you he’ll leave his family for you.

He will give me HIS full attention once he leaves his wife

His wife got a promotion and he just canceled dinner plans with you because they are going out to celebrate. Bummer, right? You were supposed to go away for the weekend but some family issues came up that he just couldn’t let anyone else handle them. Ugh, it seems like his family takes up all his time, doesn’t it? But if he leaves his wife for you, he will be spending all his free time with you. So quick question: when will he leave his wife for you? What makes you think he’ll be spending all his spare time with you? He’s probably going to get another mistress and spend all his time with her.

It’s not your fault he’s cheating