7 Mistakes Some Women Make on a First Date

Have you had a few unsuccessful first dates? Are you confused why you can’t seem to grasp that second date? These seven common mistakes may help to explain where you are going wrong in your quest to find a lasting relationship.

1.  Chatting Too Much

Don’t make the mistake of talking too much during a first date. You might be nervous, but that is not an excuse to give your date your life story. Ask your date questions and really listen to what he has to say. If you talk about yourself too much, you will not find out any information about the man you’re dating. How will you know if you have found your ideal partner if you do not let him speak?

2.  Baby on Board

Men would rather hear about your goals and aspirations for growth as an individual, rather than talking about marriage and children. Even if you think he’s “the one” stop, rewind and make sure you avoid marriage or baby talk on a first date. Showing enthusiasm about your future is important, but “falling in love” on a first date is not. Whatever you do, please don’t talk about your ticking clock, how your job has an excellent maternity plan, or your dream wedding. Unless of course you never want to see him again.

3.  The Ex-Files

Many men say that talking about your ex on the first date is the biggest road-block to creating a new relationship. It shows that the woman is really not ready to move on or is not over her ex. If a man feels that you still have feelings for your ex, he will be reluctant to enter into a relationship with you. So if you want the possibility of a second date, learn to reign yourself in and wait until you at least know a little bit about your date before opening up your ex-files.

4.  Forgetting Your Manners

Eating off your date’s plate, not saying ‘Thank you’ or being rude to wait staff are some of the behaviors you should try not to exhibit on a first date. Whether you’re ordering your meal, munching on an appetizer or saying goodnight, always remember to mind your manners!

5.  Forgetting to Flirt

Many women, because they are nervous, will forget to flirt on a first date. Your first date is not an interview. You should relax and show him that you fancy him by flirting with him. However, don’t overdo your flirtatious behavior because he will most likely get the wrong idea about you. Flirt just enough to leave him wanting to see more of you on a second date.

6.  Dressing Inappropriately

Wearing appropriate clothing is vital for giving a good impression on a first date. Consider the location of the date before deciding what clothes to wear. If your first date is at a sports game, you should not wear an expensive dress and heels. If your first date is at a posh restaurant, you should not wear your jogging pants and trainers.

7.  Laughing Too Much

Laughing at the man you’re dating when he says something funny is not only flirtatious, but it also shows him that you fancy him. However, laughing too much on a first date can be annoying. If he thinks that you’re faking your laughter, he may become self-conscious and wary of your behavior. If he thinks you’re a phony, it is unlikely that you will get a second date.

Are you guilty of making one or more of these mistakes? If you make sure that you don’t make these mistakes again on your next first date, you are more likely to get that important second date.

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