7 Myths About Marriage

The problem with myths is we mistake them for facts. Most of the marriage myths we hear about nowadays come from pop culture or inside our own families. We have become so accustomed to seeing and hearing about these myths that we start thinking facts are myths. So here are 7 marriage myths you’ve probably heard about.

  1. The more educated a woman is, the lower her chances are of getting married

This is obviously not true. A lot of women today have college degrees. A good example is the first lady Michelle Obama. She has a degree in law and she is married. We think that this myth about educated women not being able to find husbands is a stupid rumor started by men who feel intimidated by successful women.

  1. Marriage is 50-50

Most couples get married knowing it’s going to be even-steven. You and your partner should give the same and compromise the same, right? Well, that only works if you are running a business and we’ll tell you why.

So imagine a situation where you did the laundry, picked up the kids from school and prepared dinner. You obviously expect your partner to at least wash the dishes and fold the laundry, right? But he doesn’t do it and this is making you furious. You confront him and he gets defensive. He starts listing all the things he did for the day. You don’t care what he did all day because he still didn’t do what you expected him to and this makes you even more furious.

As you can see, marriage can never be 50/50. Sometimes it feels like it’s 90/10 or 95/5 and there’s nothing wrong with that. When you start doing things out of love, it all starts to even out at some point.

  1. You should share the same interests as your husband