7 Relationship Kisses of Death

I was talking to my friend, Annie, the other day, about what that “key” moment is that starts men pulling away from you.  I wondered if there was a small event – a trigger – that led to the BIG event of him keeping you at a distance or pulling away from you.

Have you ever wondered why it is that men do this?  You sense there’s a reason WHY he pulled away from you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  Well, here are a few of those “triggers” I wanted to share with you… and knowing these “Kisses of Death” can stop him before he’s out the door and GONE for good:

Kiss of Death #1: Yelling At Your Partner

This probably goes without saying, but when either person starts raising their voice, the hostilities only intensify.  We simply dig our heels in and resist, even if it’s blocking the loving connection. It takes a little self-control, but when you can keep your voice more compassionate, your partner will respond with more love.

Kiss of Death #2: Conflicting Egos

This is where we get in a “who’s right and who’s wrong” battle for being the one that’s on the ‘correct’ side of the fight.  Or it’s as simple as being in constant competition with him over small things because you’re not feeling fulfilled in the relationship. Maybe he’s not giving you enough of the loving strokes you need, and this is one of the ways you try and get the recognition in the relationship you deserve.

Whatever the cause, recognize that men simply don’t “give in” when they’re in competition. They will not give up, even to the detriment of the relationship. So as a woman, you have the ability to steer around his competitive drive. (I’ll show you a way to do that in a minute…)

Kiss of Death #3: Is it ME or WE?