7 Signs Your Dating Game Needs An Upgrade

Quick question:  Do you almost always never go past the first date? Do you feel like guys immediately delete your contact information from their phones the moment you part ways after your first date? Well, if it doesn’t happen with just one guy but with several guys then you have to admit there’s a huge problem…and it’s not because guys can’t handle a strong, successful woman like you. Still don’t believe us? These seven signs will tell you if your dating game is whack.

  1. Your expectations are right up there

For some reason you thought this guy’s looks would be breathtaking but because he has blue eyes and you are more into guys with gray eyes, you decided his looks were basic. And why was he such a gentleman? Ugh! You expected him to be edgy but smart not to mention super rich. What about his sense of humor? He is as funny as watching a cow chew cud. And his beer belly is just a turn off! Well newsflash woman! You can’t find a perfect guy. You gotta accept his flaws. Brad Pitt and David Beckham might look perfect but they have flaws. Maybe they snore at night or they slurp on their soup. Nobody’s perfect.

  1. You don’t have any expectations

You don’t care about the guys you go out with. You don’t have standards. Anything works for you. If he doesn’t have a job, doesn’t take care of himself and is less than nice to you, you don’t mind because once he gets to know you, he’ll change for the better.

If you don’t have expectations, your dating game will never be on point. You will only be setting yourself up to be used by men. More importantly, you’ll just be wasting your time.

  1. You keep flirting with guys the same way and expect different results

You keep using the same line on every guy you meet and expect them to automatically ask you for your number. Just because it worked on one guy doesn’t mean it will work on all the other guys. Sorry girl, but you need to work on your social skills and we are not talking about chatting online. It’s different when you chat with people online. You can edit your messages before hitting the send button. But when you interact with guys face to face, things tend to be different and if you practice enough, you will be able to polish up on your social skills.

  1. Your conversations are boring

You just don’t share enough. When a guy asks you what you like doing when you are not working, you reply with one word answers. In other words, you make him work so hard to get the conversation flowing that he gets bored and vows never to see you again.

Try adding some experiences to your answers whenever applicable. For instance, if your hobby is swimming, you can tell him about a funny experience you had while learning how to swim. Get his juices flowing.

  1. You share too much

It’s one thing to keep the conversation flowing and it’s another to talk too much. Your date doesn’t have to know about the time you had a pregnancy scare when you were a senior in high school. Share enough to keep him interested and to see you as a person; not just as another regular date.

  1. Your dates are just a way to kill time

You never really put much thought into your dates. In fact, your dates are just disposable so you rarely go on second dates. If you go on dates to kill time as you wait for your friends then your dating game definitely needs an upgrade especially if you don’t care about the outcome of your dates. You might think your dating game is on point because it’s easy for you to score a first date. In reality, you are just getting worse at dating because you aren’t scoring any second dates.

  1. You never get to know the guys you go out with

Think about the last three dates you went on. Think of three things about them and list them down on a piece of paper.  What can you say about these three things? Are they all physical qualities? If you don’t take the time to connect with your dates emotionally, how do you expect to build something meaningful with them? You need to start looking past chiseled bodies, gray eyes and materialistic things.