7 Signs Your Relationship Is Finished

Whenever violence is involved, by either party – it’s over.

Breaking up is an emotionally grueling experience, so many of us choose to put off the inevitable as long as possible when things go wrong. Breaking up may be hard to do, but do you know what’s harder than breaking up? Staying in an unhappy relationship when deep down you know it’s over. These seven signs can help you decide whether it’s time to go or stay.

1. You no longer enjoy spending time together. This warning sign should set off flashing red lights and warning bells in your head. The whole reason you got together to begin with was because you enjoyed each other’s company so much. Once that’s gone, what do you have left?

Couples don’t have to be joined at the hip, but they do need to spend quality time alone now and then to keep the spark alive.  Do you find yourself making plans with other people so that you don’t have to be alone together? When you are alone, do you struggle to find things to say? Does every conversation lead to a fight?

2. You argue over everything, from what to do on Friday night to the best way to squeeze the toothpaste. Some couples seem to thrive on disagreements, but for most people, arguing is incredibly draining.

If you find yourself picking at everything your partner does and starting fights over nothing, it could be a symptom that something deeper is going on. Do you have hidden resentments you need to deal with, or has your relationship reached its use-by date?

3. Family and friends have started to avoid you. Chances are if you are constantly arguing and griping at each other, you and your partner aren’t much fun to be around. If people are suddenly coming up with excuses not to hang out with the two of you then it’s a major sign your relationship is not in a healthy place.

4. Your sex life has bottomed out. The fireworks are long gone and you can barely remember the last time you made love.  A loss of interest in sex can happen for all sorts of reasons, and it doesn’t necessarily spell the end of your relationship. If it’s combined with any of the other signs listed here, there’s cause for concern.

5. You feel angry and unhappy all the time. This could be a sign that your relationship is on a downward spiral, and it’s time to move on. It could also be your own personal issues rearing their heads. Love really is like a drug, and it can help mask your problems for a while, but sooner or later you have to face up to them.

Your issues may have nothing to do with your partner, but this doesn’t mean your relationship is on safe ground. Sometimes people need to be alone to sort themselves out before they can really commit to someone else.

6. You don’t feel excited about the future anymore. One of the most enjoyable things about being in a couple is making plans for the future. This doesn’t have to involve major life events like weddings and babies, but could simply be a weekend away together. If you can’t work up any enthusiasm for future plans, it’s a major symptom that something’s wrong.

7. You fantasize about other people all the time. While it’s perfectly natural to think about others now and then, if you find yourself wondering constantly what it would be like to be with someone else, it’s probably because the person you’re with isn’t satisfying you physically and/or emotionally.

These seven signs can help you determine how healthy your relationship is and what you need to do to reclaim your happiness and well-being. – JanineH