7 Tests to Know if Your Man Truly Loves You

All women want confirmation that their man is being real.  

Knowing this can be critical for future decisions about the relationship. It turns out; it’s really simple to know if he’s being truthful about his feelings or stringing you along. Here are some simple tests to see if your relationship has forever potential:

1. Is he always respectful to you?

If he inconsistently respects you, or it occurs only sparingly, your relationship will probably not flourish. Being considerate, respectful, and grateful to one another is the simplest but most meaningful way to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

2. Does he do as he says?

We all know actions speak louder than words. If he does love you, you should see it in his behavior. If he says he loves you, but then treats you poorly or ignores you, then that should give you a reason to pause.

The truth is, actions really do speak louder than words! Never fool yourself into thinking that his actions don’t matter. Put simply—he IS what he does! Ignore this notion at your peril, because it is the best test of whether he is capable of truly loving you.

3. Are you equals?

When someone loves you, they’re going to treat you as an equal.
If he makes all of the significant decisions in your relationship and expects you to follow his directives as a second-class citizen, then he does NOT really love you. In a successful relationship both partners thoughts, ideas, and decisions matter equally.

4. Can you trust him with your heart and honor?

Can you honestly say that you trust him with your heart? The bottom line in any relationship that’s going to last is trust. If you don’t trust him completely, then you need to reconsider a long term relationship.

5. Has he said that he loves you?

Does he declare his love for you often and without prodding? Don’t fall for that “I don’t need to tell her I love her because she knows” nonsense. This notion is wrong and stupid. If he can’t say it, then your relationship has a problem.

6. Is he able to imagine life without you?

When you’re in love, you can’t imagine life without that person. Try to question him about whether he can stand a life without you in it. If he can easily imagine what he’d be doing without you, then there is potentially a problem.

We all want to be independent within a relationship but not to the point where he’s not committed to the relationship.

7. Do you believe he’s always there for you?

If a man truly loves you, he’s going to be there for you in good times and bad. Love doesn’t come with conditions. A man who loves you deeply is going to want you at your best and your worst.

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It comes down to whether he’s consistent or not. His words and behavior should be matched up. If he loves you, he’s going to pass these little true love tests with no problems. If you do have this man in your life, then hug him right now, because he’s a keeper! -C. Sky