8 Bad Reasons To Stay In A Relationship

Ladies, have you ever been in a relationship that was really bad but you were willing to find every reason to stay? Don’t lie, we’ve all been there and you are probably in that situation right now. If you are making any of these excuses, then you are probably dating the kind of person you should be running away from.

  1. He Is Good In Bed

Really? Since when did sex become a reason to hold on to a bad relationship? And, do you want to be that girl who is desperate enough to bribe her man with sex in order to make him stay? This is a terrible reason to stay in a relationship no matter how good he is in bed. What if the sex becomes boring? Oh yes, it sometimes does especially when there is nothing else good about your relationship. At the end of the day, without the sex, you really have nothing to make your relationship stronger. Find someone you have something in common with other than sex.

  1. He Is Financially Stable

Unless you were looking for a “sugar daddy”, money should not make you stay in a relationship that’s making you unhappy. And by the way, it’s never a good idea to get into a relationship when you are not financially stable. It makes you dependent on the man and he will start seeing you as a liability. We all know that financial dependency is among the top reasons why many relationships fail.

  1. You Have Kids Together

Okay, so you got knocked up and you feel obliged to stay with your boyfriend because you want your kids to grow up with a father. Here’s the deal: you are not obliged to stick around even if you have kids together. How are you going to properly take care of your kids if you are not happy? Always take care of yourself first and the rest will fall in place.

  1. He Loves You So Much

Yes, he loves you but if you don’t love him there’s no need to string him along. Let him find someone who genuinely loves him. Don’t be selfish.

  1. You Don’t Want To Hurt Him

Breakups are never easy and they shouldn’t be. They involve a lot of emotions and can be very hurtful to the person who was more invested in the relationship. But what’s worse than a break up is staying in a relationship with someone out of pity. What if it was you? How would you feel if you found out your boyfriend stuck around simply because they felt guilty or were afraid of hurting your feelings? Breaking up sounds far less cruel now, doesn’t it?

  1. You Don’t Want To Be Alone

Nobody likes or wants to be alone. You’re probably thinking that you will never find someone else or no one will love you. Maybe you are even thinking you’re biological clock is ticking or you are getting older and some of your good features are giving in to gravity. You need to overcome your fear of being alone. The right person for you will eventually come along.  If not, being alone is so much better than staying in a bad relationship.

  1. Everyone Thinks You Are Perfect For Each Other

This puts so much pressure on you to stay with your boyfriend. You put up a front to make everyone, including your boyfriend, believe your relationship is perfect. Quick question though: what about your happiness? How long do you plan on pretending you want to be with your current boyfriend? Don’t stay in a relationship based on people’s opinions.

  1. You Have Common Friends

You can’t imagine how awkward it will be when you break up with your boyfriend because you share so many friends. What would you say to him when you attend your friend’s party and you run into him? You can’t imagine the idea of running into him when you attend the same events as your friends. If that’s the reason you are still with your current boyfriend then perhaps it’s time you start expanding your circle of friends. Sharing friends isn’t a good reason to stay in a relationship you don’t want.

You don’t need to make up all sorts of excuses to stay in a bad relationship. If he was meant to be the one then you don’t have to force anything or convince yourself about anything. Ask yourself one question: would you rather spend time looking for the right guy for you or would you rather waste time with the wrong one?  written by: Jackline K.

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