8 Signs He’s Only Dating You for Your Money

Are you worried you might be in the snares of a gold-digger? These days, it’s not uncommon for a woman to out-earn her man. If you’re a well-off woman, be on the lookout for these sugar mama warning signs:

1) You’re a Successful or Financially Secure Woman

How does your sugar mama potential stack up? Whether you’re well compensated for a high-powered career you carved out for yourself, or were born into a family of means, the fact that you have stacks money at your fingertips will be difficult to hide.

2) “Don’t worry, I’ll cover this.”

This is what he’ll say– at first. Any male gold digger worth his salt views his sugar mama as an investment. That means the first couple of dates will be on him while he tries to win you over. However, he’ll slowly scale back his willingness to pay and stick you with the bill.

3) “You got this, babe? I forgot my wallet…”

At some point, he’ll stop covering anything. At first, you may not think of it as a big deal. After all, you’re an independent woman, and this is the 21st century. What’s wrong with a woman paying?

If it’s a one-time thing, let it slide. Not all forgetful men are hunting for a sugar mama. If this behavior repeats, then you’re in hot water. Next time he pulls this, suggest splitting the bill. The look on his face will reveal all you need to know.

4) He’s a Spender

Your man has expensive taste. “Budgeting” is not a word in his vocabulary. He’s likely to have thousands of dollars in debt that he failed to mention, and probably a lifestyle and numerous possessions that don’t quite match up with his salary.

5) He’s Always Out of Work

Maybe your guy is just down on his luck. That doesn’t mean he’s not a great candidate for romance, but the real key is how he deals with his current financial situation. Does he continue to spend beyond his means, despite a layoff? Or does he just complain a lot without doing anything to solve his problems?

6) He Has Perpetual Money Troubles

Most men don’t like to share their money troubles. It makes them look weak and unsuccessful. A gold digger always needs “just a little bit of help” until he can land on his feet. The problem is that he never does land on his feet, and you, as the sugar mama, will just have to keep bankrolling him.

7) You Feel Like an Owner, Not a Partner

Do you feel like you own your man, or do you feel like he’s a real partner in your life? You may have bought his love, either intentionally or subconsciously. If you feel leagues above your subservient boy-toy, you may have just created your own high-maintenance monster.

8) Your Gut Tells You He’s a Gold Digger

At the end of the day, it all comes down to a gut feeling. Ignore what your heart tells you and try not to think about his good looks or how he makes you laugh; tune into what you’re gut is saying.

So, You’re a Sugar Mama. Now What?

If you’ve fallen head-over-heels in love, despite his exploitation, it may be difficult to break it off. Nevertheless, you must be strong. Tell your gold-digger to come find you when he can support himself.

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