8 Signs Your Relationship is Going Nowhere

So you think you have met the guy of your dreams. He looks like one of those guys on the cover of a romantic novel or he is a bad boy spotting this sexy rugged look that just makes you weak in the knees. You have been dating this guy for a while and you’re probably questioning whether he will stick around. Here are tell-tale signs that he probably won’t.

  1. He takes every opportunity to get into your pants

You’re busy trying to tell him how your day was and he is busy trying to unbutton your blouse. You try texting him about your day and all his responses have a sexual connotation. He invites you over for dinner and when it’s time for dessert, he slips his hand under your dress. Every time you tell him you are not ready to for sex he makes you feel guilty about turning down his advances. Word of advice: stay away from this type of guy because we all know that once he gets what he wants, you will never hear from him again.

  1. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends or anyone

You have been seeing each other for five months and you have never met any of his friends or family members. He is never ready to introduce you because it’s never the right time.

If he ever introduces you, he doesn’t make it clear who you are to him. He will probably say something like “Everybody this is Aisha” instead of “Everybody, this is Aisha, my girlfriend”. Don’t be surprised if one of his male friends starts hitting on you after such an introduction because they think you are just a friend.

  1. You’ve never gone to his house

How can you date a guy for almost a year and you have no idea where he lives? What’s that? His house is a mess and he doesn’t want you to see it like that? No? He lives with his mom? Oh, that’s right, he lives with his ex wife but they live in separate bedrooms and he doesn’t want to stir up any drama! Ladies if you fall for these lies then you must be really naïve. If a guy wants to take you to his house he will take you. No excuses.

  1. He is sketchy

There was this girl, let’s call her Jane. She had a boyfriend who had weird rules. He told her that she shouldn’t call him before 10am and after 7pm in the evening. When she asked him why, he said it was because he usually had “meetings” in the morning and in the evening he was too “tired” to take any calls. Jane wasn’t convinced so one day she called his home phone at 8pm and guess who answered…his wife. Moral of the story: if you feel he is hiding something, he probably is. It might not be that he is married or in a serious relationship with another woman, he could be doing illegal stuff so trust your instincts.

  1. Avoids talking about the future

When you try to mention anything to do with building a future together, he quickly changes the subject. For example, Jane mentioned where she pictured raising their kids together and he quickly changed the topic.

However, if you have known a guy for three days and you start mentioning kids and marriage, you might just scare him off. But if you have been together for a while, there’s no reason he should freak out unless he has some unresolved issues or he is just not that into you.

  1. Has unresolved issues

Speaking of unresolved issues, some men carry emotional baggage into new relationships. They could have had a bad experience with their ex and so they find it difficult to build a fruitful relationship with the women they are dating.

  1. You’re the one always chasing him

Are you the one always setting dates? The one who always calls? The one who always initiates conversations? Bad news: he isn’t that into you and you should find another catch.

  1. He openly flirts with other women

There’s a huge difference between flirting with women and checking them out. Checking them out is not a big deal because even you are sometimes guilty of checking out hot guys. But going ahead and openly flirting with them in front of your boyfriend is a huge sign of disrespect.

Never allow a man to tell you twice that he doesn’t want you. He doesn’t have to say it verbally; he could show it through actions. If he shows most of the signs mentioned here, then he definitely won’t stick around for long so don’t put too much of your heart into the relationship.  written by: Jackline K.

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