9 Reasons You Can’t Get a Date

Sometimes it seems like you could not get a date even if there were only two people left on Earth. If your memory fails when you try to recall the last time you were out on a date, you might want to take a hard look at your life. Any of the following personal and personality defects could render you undatable.

#1. You Spend All Your Time at Work
Being a workaholic is only a smart dating strategy if you are trying to bag your boss (not a great idea). If you cannot remember the last time you went on a date or even socialized with a non-coworker, you might want to cut back your hours and make time for yourself.

#2. Expecting Love to Knock on Your Door
Love will not come to you – you have to go out and get it. Being lazy and waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to come along is likely to get you nowhere. If you want to meet someone great, you have to get out there and start meeting people.

#3. You Are Financially Irresponsible
No one wants to date a guy (or a girl) who cannot get a bank account or afford a decent car. Potential dating partners can smell irresponsibility a mile away, and they have learned to run from it as fast as they can. They know a financially irresponsible partner is a recipe for disaster, and they want no part of it.

#4. You Don’t Know How to Dress
That plaid shirt and old pair of sweatpants may be fine when you are playing video games, but leaving the house that way is a huge mistake. Like it or not, first impressions count. You will not be able to land the girl (or guy) of your dreams without showing a presentable face to the world.

#5. You’re a Negative Nelly
Would you hang out with someone who never had anything nice to say? If you spend all your time running other people down and saying mean things, you will not end up at the top of the dating heap. You can still be snarky, but you might want to tone it down a notch or two.

#6. Your Personal Hygiene Leaves Something to be Desired
No one wants a partner who has to be reminded to shower or shave off their stubble. Take a good look in the mirror the next time you get ready to go out. If you do not like what you see, neither will anyone else.

#7. You Have a Wealth of Pickup Lines – And You Actually Use Them
You are unlikely to be successful at dating if your pickup lines all come from old movies. Women (and men) want to date someone who is genuine, not a person who is a walking cliché. So leave those pickup lines at home and just be yourself.

#8. You Are Unemployed
If you do not have a job and plans for the future, you need to work on that before you start trolling for a romantic partner. Few dating partners will want to take care of you, so get off your butt and hit the sidewalk until you find gainful employment. You will be much more attractive with a few bucks in your pocket.

#9. You Can’t Actually Talk to People
Call it the smartphone conundrum. Some young people spend too much time on their devices that they forget how to hold a face-to-face conversation. If the thought of actually talking to the opposite sex fills you with dread, you may need to overcome your fear before you head out to the dating scene.

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