9 Stupid Things Men Think About Women

Men are complicated, women are complicated. We might never understand each other. No wonder there’s so much stereotype and misconception in our society. Some of these stereotypes have hindered both men and women from reaching their full potential for a very long time. But today we just want to clarify a few things that men think women do.

So men, here’s the stupid things you think about women …

1.  We can’t have no-strings-attached sex

Yea, we can totally bang you and not feel some type of way about you. We don’t have to fall in love with you and we won’t start caring about what you think about us. So if you are down for carefree sex, so are we.

2.  We only watch chic flicks

Ummm, not all of us love watching chic flicks or soap operas. We have other interests like watching a baseball or football game. And no, we don’t pretend to like sports because of the hot masculine men. We can tell you who’s who, which team they play for, how many games they’ve played and how many points they’ve scored ever since they started playing.

3.  We only get angry when we are on our periods

We have never understood why men feel the need to point out we are on our periods whenever we get mad. When you do stupid things, we react and it’s not because we are on our periods. And not all women act like bitches when Aunt Flow decides to visit.

4.  We don’t eat

Some of us are happy to stuff our faces with some greasy French fries and a burger. We don’t have time to start counting how much calories are in our food and we sure won’t starve ourselves by eating salads. So the next time you take one of us out to eat, don’t order for us a salad assuming it’s what we want. And it’s pretty insulting to assume that just because we are curvy we automatically want to lose weight. Some of us don’t so can we have the double burger with extra cheese and fries please!

5.  We only date guys we want to marry

Who started this stupid rumor? Who made men think that just because we are dating them we want to marry them? If we can have no-strings-attached sex, we can also date casually without any expectations. We don’t always fall head over heels for a guy on the first date or the second, or the third. We are rational beings.

6.  We always throw shade on other women

Who said we can’t appreciate another woman if she is beautiful, smart and successful? Stop watching reality TV shows and start interacting with real women. Maybe you’ll see the difference between us and those real housewives on those reality TV shows. And if you still think women love hating on each other, you should try hanging out with women who are confident and secure about themselves.

7.  We only accept free drinks from guys we want to sleep with

Ummm…we don’t know where you got this idea but buying us a drink doesn’t give you the right to sleep with us. It also doesn’t mean that we will want to talk to you or that we must accept your drink. We’ll admit that it’s very flattering and all but unless we invite you to our table, stay where you are. No wonder women prefer to buy their own drinks. It’s much easier than having to deal with the burden of accepting free drinks from men.

8.  If we are sitting alone at a bar it means we are lonely/prostitutes/whores/escorts

When a man drinks alone, it’s because he is trying to drown his sorrows with alcohol but when a woman does it, it’s because she is on the prowl looking for a guy to bang in exchange for some cash. Well, as hard as it may be for you to believe it, we can sit at a bar alone. We could be waiting for someone or some friends. Or we could just be enjoying the music while sipping on our mojitos. So please, leave us alone.

9.  We don’t like to talk dirty to our men

Women enjoy the power of  being able to turn-on our men with mere words.  The power and control we feel when blowing his mind and the desire in his eyes are not only a turn-on for him but we also enjoy every minute of it. If you are shy and don’t think that you have the confidence to talk dirty to your man, check out The Language of Desire this program will teach you more than just words, but valuable techniques that will make your man desire and want only you.

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