A Little Jealousy is Not Bad, But….

In even the most well adjusted of relationships there’s likely to be at least a little jealousy. Some would even argue that without that hint of envy and possessiveness a relationship might be lacking in intensity, but there’s a line that divides a natural need for closeness and fidelity from overbearing suspicion, and when that line is crossed it can spell extremely bad news for any relationship. If you feel that your partner is being unreasonably jealous, it can cause a sense of resentment to build up which can threaten your relationship’s very foundations.

If this rings bells with you, the first thing to consider is whether your partner actually has any grounds for being jealous. Is there room for doubt about your commitment to the relationship? Are you still in contact with old flames? Do you readily respond to flirting from strangers or are you more circumspect? Different relationships have different levels of tolerance for such things, but if you feel your partner’s jealousy is above normal acceptable levels then it might be time to take careful, considered action.