Are You Being Ghosted?

A man who is ghosting you won’t actually come out and say he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. He’ll make excuses about why he didn’t text you all weekend. He’ll say he was busy working on his house, spending time with family, or his phone was acting funny. He will promise you that it wasn’t because of you that he didn’t get in touch.

4. He completely disappears

If you’ve connected with a man either online or gone out on dates in real life and then he suddenly disappears completely, you’ve been ghosted. He doesn’t have the guts to tell you he doesn’t want to talk to you or see you anymore, so he just stops talking to you completely. You’ll think he’s dropped off the face of the earth, but in reality his life has gone on as normal. If you were curious enough to check, you’d see that he was still active on his social media accounts.

5. He reappears with a request