Are You In A Rebound Relationship?

After endless mediocre and boring dates, you finally met someone who is handsome, funny, interesting, and available.  Jackpot!

The two of you clicked from the very start.  You have so many things in common, and the physical attraction is very strong.  You can’t remember the last time that a guy has made you laugh so much and when you are not in contact, you cannot wait to talk to and see each other again.

There is just one thing that is causing you to pause and ask yourself  “Are you in a rebound relationship?” You are asking yourself this because the new man in your life just exited a relationship that he was in for quite a while.  You are wondering if maybe he has jumped backed into the dating scene too soon and is using you to help get over his ex.  You really like this guy and want to believe that he is truly over his ex and is not using you as a coping mechanism.

The problem with this situation is that the person freshly out of a long-term relationship may not know themselves that they are still hung up on their ex.  They may believe that they are so over them.  Until something happens and they have the opportunity to reconcile with their ex and they drop you like a hot potato.

The thing to remember is that there is no set amount of time for moving on after a breakup.  While it may seem like most people will take some time to heal from a breakup before diving back into the dating scene, others get back into it right away.

There could be two reasons for this