Are You Unknowingly Destroying Your Relationship?

Have you suffered continual failure in relationships? Maybe it’s time to explore yourself and your behavior. Sometimes we are our own biggest enemy, ruining relationships. After one relationship ends we do the same things in our new relationship. Do you know why? Because most of the mistakes that destroy our relationships are done unknowingly. Check out some of the things that you might be doing and change your approach to relationships.

• Mind-reading

We often expect a lot from our partners without expressing exactly what we want. You tell yourself “If he loved me, he would know what I need.” Your partner can not read your mind, just as you can’t read his. This toxic behavior pattern can ruin a relationship.

• The blame game

If you have been unfairly blaming your partner while ignoring his more positive traits, stop doing it or you will ruin your relationship. We all make mistakes, it how the mistakes are rectified that counts. Saying things like, “This is all your fault!” “You should have done a or b not c,” is non-productive, hurtful, and damaging.

• Letting yourself go