Building Trust In a Relationship

One of the key factors to making any relationship work is trust.   Among the most common reasons given for a romantic breakup is a loss of trust.  If you cannot trust someone, you cannot love him or her. Love and trust are inseparable from each other.

There will always be trials and tribulations in a relationship, but when you face difficulties with an open mind and actively work through the difficulties, the trust in your relationship will grow stronger. If you want to build a more trusting relationship with your partner, these six tips will get you on your way!

1. First and foremost, tell the truth – this is not always easy, sometimes telling your partner the truth can hurt their feelings, but in the end, it is the right thing to do.  One lie can create a loss of trust that is sometimes impossible to recover. A little “white lie” can turn a small thing into a major issue. Moreover, once your partner has lost faith in your word, they will be suspicious of everything you say.

2. Be Reliable. Trust is just another way of saying you can rely on someone. You trust your partner to do certain things no matter what at all times. This trust builds security in a relationship.

3. Talk and Listen – Open and honest communication is a big key to building a trusting relationship.  Only by talking and listening to each other will you learn what is going on inside your partner’s head.  The more you know someone the easier it is to thrust him or her.

Do not be reluctant to share your dreams and desires with each other. Too many people never let their partners know what they need or want from the relationship. Do not let your partner wonder, or try to guess what they should do for you.  Trust that your partner cares about what you want.

4. Keep Your Promises – We all know that unforeseen circumstances can interfere with our best intentions from time to time, but if all your promises are broken, then the thrust between you and your partner will become broken.  Hey, if you can’t do something then just say no.  Do not put your partner in a precarious situation because you cannot come through with a promise you made.