Don’t Break Up With The Nice Guy – Just Yet

You realize you’re dating a pretty good guy; you’re just not sure he’s “the one” yet. You’re even a little overwhelmed by his enthusiasm for you and the relationship.

This enthusiasm is okay. It means he feels that you’re the most wonderful woman in the world and that he’s won big. He’ll work hard to keep you, and you’re less likely to stray. That’s not to say he’s sitting there and feeding you chocolate bonbons forever. Eventually, you’ll have to make him a priority too.

But mentally, you might not be there yet. So should you stick around and see how it plays out?

The good news is a relationship where the guy is more enthusiastic than the lady actually has signs of long-term success.

Once, I dated a guy who sent me a teddy bear after our third date. It was wearing a superhero costume, and on it was printed the nickname he had given me on our second date.

To tell the truth, it freaked me out.

If I said I was free, he’d drop his plans at the last minute to see me. He constantly called and texted, even if I’d wait hours (or sometimes days) to get back. I couldn’t help thinking, “Whoa, dude, relax.” I even went on one or two dates in an attempt to cut things off, but each time, I found myself enjoying his company immensely.

But the time was wrong for me. I was newly single, and he was 100% available.