Eight Key Signs He is Husband Material

You know the major signs that your man is marriage material such as he’s ambitious, can hold down a job, honest, and desires to be married.  But there are other key signs that your man is husband material.  To avoid getting stuck with someone who gives you less than you deserve, watch for these signs to know that you’re with a man worth walking down the aisle for.

1. He has a good sense of humor

Spending the rest of your life with someone is an arduous task, so choose a man who can really make you laugh. Sense of humor is a matter of taste, but if his jokes remind you of  drunk uncle at a wedding then you might find him hard to tolerate in the long-term.

2. He makes an effort

While there’s no need to don a tuxedo just to take a woman to the store, a man who is husband material will at least have the basic personal hygiene rules down. If a guy smells like a gym locker room and is proudly wearing a shirt covered in food stains, it’s time to make a hasty retreat.

3. He stays in touch just the right amount

If he won’t stop texting you needy messages, he’s too high-maintenance to suffer for the rest of your life. However, if you need to send out a search party just to track him down after a few days, he’s way too irresponsible to be a good husband. Keep searching for that elusive happy medium.

4. He listens

You’re looking for a man who enjoys good conversation and can hold his own in a discussion, as it’s boring to be with someone who can only nod his head and over monosyllabic platitudes. However, don’t marry a guy who dominates every conversation, relentlessly enjoying the sound of his own voice.

5. He shares your values

You’ll have plenty of time to disagree with your husband on the smaller stuff, so make sure you share the same core values. Look for someone who approves of your major life goals and shares your perspectives on contentious topics like religion and politics.

6. He values you without being possessive

A man who is husband material should appreciate that other men will find you attractive, but he shouldn’t try to lock you in the basement or make you wear a chastity belt. You’re looking for someone who trusts you and is comfortable with your platonic friendships with other men.

7. He’s willing to work at your sex life

A marriage will involve sexual highs and lows, but a good husband will be aware that a good sex life requires creativity. If he expects you to be in orgasmic bliss after a two-minute roll in the sack, he probably won’t keep you satisfied over the years.

8. You love him

Finally, in all your attempts to tick boxes, don’t forget the cheesy truth that love is the most important element of all. If the spark just isn’t there, no amount of objectively positive personality traits are going to make the marriage work.

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