Eight Things Every Woman Should Know About Men

Men can seem pretty confusing from the outside, baffling you with strange approaches to dating and exasperating you with irritating household habits. However, if you understand men well enough to know what to expect, relationships will run much more smoothly. Here are eight things every woman should know about men.

1. They want you to tell them what’s wrong

Women tend to be a lot more intuitive than men, so don’t expect him to pick up on the subtle cues that indicate you are pissed off or hurt. If you think he acted like a jerk or he appears to have forgotten your birthday, tell him! Affected sighs and a sullen tone will only confuse him and prolong the discomfort in your relationship.

2. They get nervous about dates as well

No matter how confident he might appear on a date, it’s highly likely that he is anxious about all the same things that concern you. This means he’ll be worrying about everything from whether you think he looks good to whether you like the restaurant he recommended. If he doesn’t say all the right things at the start of the evening, give him a chance to relax and he might surprise you.

3. They will call if they’re interested

You might remember plenty of times when you’ve politely claimed to have “been too busy with work” when really you just put off calling because you thought the guy smelled bad or wasn’t funny. Men are far less likely to use these excuses and tend to take a much simpler approach. Generally speaking, if he finds you attractive and wants to see you again then he’ll let you know.

4. They worry about losing you

The stereotypical male is endlessly cocky and sure of his own worth, but most men are actually quite insecure about losing you to someone better-looking, richer or more charismatic. Men need reassured that you don’t prefer their charming friends, and you will sometimes have to wrestle with male jealousy when you get to know a new guy at work.

5. They don’t want you to be a “yes man”

While it’s tempting to agree with everything a guy says if he looks so good you’re practically salivating on the table, it’s important to show that you have a mind of you own. Men are turned off by women who just blindly agree with all of their opinions and preferences. You don’t have to start a blazing row, but make sure he knows you can hold your own.

6. They want to ask you out

There are times when it’s more appropriate for you to be the one making bold moves in the dating game, but the unfortunate truth is that most men are actually quite intimidated by women who do all the pursuing. If you let him ask you out instead, he’ll feel much more at ease in the situation.

7. They are happy for you to initiate sex

While it might be better to wait for a man to ask you out in most cases, you should know that taking an active role in your sex life is greatly appreciated. If you are always passive about sex, men are left wondering whether you really want to have sex or are simply putting up with it while thinking about doing the laundry. Initiating sex lets a man know he is attractive.

8. They want you to relax

Finally, be wary of getting so caught in trying to look good and be everything he wants that you forget to have a good time. For all the bad press that men get for being superficial, most of them would actually rather you were happy and relaxed in a comfortable outfit then you looked like a stunning supermodel but were in a foul mood because your dress straps were too tight. Don’t forget there is a happy medium between being a slob and spending 5-6 hours agonizing over appearance.

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