Figuring Out Mr. Wrong From Mr. Right

Do you jump through hoops to please your partner and it just never works? You adjust your behavior, allow them to turn you upside down, and it still doesn’t work.

It’s a hard place to be stuck in. It’s exhausting and defeating to feel you’ve done so much for someone, but it’s never good enough.

But maybe you’re not the problem. Sometimes all this is is proof that you’re just with the wrong guy.

The goal of finding true love is to find someone who loves you for you. You shouldn’t need to overhaul yourself to make someone else happy.

Here are questions to determine whether you’re really with the wrong person, and the source of the trouble:

  • How effectively are you communicating your want and needs with your partner?
  • Are you complimentary to each other or destructive?
  • Do you feel there’s an equal investment from both of you in the relationship?

When people are stuck in this kind of situation, some helpful tools to help them is having people look at the dynamics of the relationship. First, you have to make sure you understand each other. You can’t satisfy someone who doesn’t know how to receive love from you, or vice versa.

Truthfully, most of us go into relationships with very different ways we need to receive love. It’s vitally important to communicate with your partner to understand what both of you want.