First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter – especially when it comes to a first date. Doing the right things on a first date can set the stage for future encounters. But if you mess that first date up, there’s a good chance you won’t get another chance to make a favorable impression.

This articles highlights some real life situations that stopped a second date from happening.

  1. Know his availability status:

“His mother-in-law started to scream at me from the other side of the restaurant… first and last blind date ever. He forgot to tell me he was married.” – Rebekah

“His wife called him and broke our date up.” – Sylvia

“He informed me at the club that I needed to physically distance myself from him, as he expected his wife to arrive soon, although they were supposed to be separated… Date and any further interaction ended forever.” – Hallene

“Your wife shows up with your kids, the end!” – Ary

  1. Make sure your ex knows the relationship is over:

“I caught the not so ex stalking us – Jennifer

“His ex shows up and says he still loves her… calls her… and is sleeping with her.” – Deni

  1. Don’t judge him by stereotypes:

“I took a good look at his hands. He had unusually small hands and a Police Officer just should not have small hands. Hahaha! Needless to say I turned down the next date.” – Sharon

  1. Watch your manners and be on your best behavior:

“He got rude to the waitress for no reason.” – Beverly

“Until he talked while chewing and made those noises that made me want to stick a fork in him. The end.” – Michelle

“He opened his mouth! Gotta have nice teeth and good smelling breath!!!” – Chrissy

“He realized that I knew he was a dumb arse.” – Jeanette

“He start picking his nose and holding his balls and I said goodbye.” – Allison

“Dude tells me that he lives by 2 rules, bitches ain’t shit but his tricks, and I forget the other cuz that ended any interest I had in that dude.” – Carlyn

“He farted, loud, on purpose on vinyl because he thinks that kind of behavior is an ice breaker and lightens the mood.” – Kimmy

“He asked for a straw for his water.” – Nihanna

  1. Don’t be wanted by the law:

“Cops came and hauled him off to jail.” – Sonoma

  1. No mommy issues:

“His momma called to see when he would be home.” – Alexandria

  1. Sometimes his job does matter:

“He admitted he worked for the Mafia!!!!” – Sally

“He started talking. About how he was a pimp.” -Debra

  1. Sports rivalries and political parties matter?

“Until he said he was a Cowboys fan.” – Venus

“He insulted me for being a liberal.” – Lisa

  1. Don’t obsess over your ex.

“He started going on about his former wife.” – Patricia

“He started talking about his ex-girlfriend.” – Rhonda

“He called his ex.” – Penny

  1. Sometimes even the most brutal first date can turn out well in the end’

“He farted on our first date. Lol, then I married him 9 months later.” – Tina