How Do I Stop Falling For Mr. Wrong

Unless you are extremely lucky, you have at least once or twice fallen for Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong doesn’t have to be a married man, he could be legally unavailable, emotionally unavailable or just an opportunist. You don’t know why you fall for these types of guys. The good news is that you will learn here about the different types of Mr. Wrong, why you fall in love with them and how to avoid them like the plague.

  1. Mr. Let’s Get Physical

This guy is so obvious and he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with the emotional side of the relationship. To him, a quick roll in the hay will do just fine. You fall in love with this guy not because you don’t know what he is about but because he is so charming. You keep making excuses for him and you invest more and more in the relationship.

Advice: This guy is pretty easy to identify. His advances are very obvious and he is fixated with the physical part of your relationship. Don’t get stuck in the physical. Identify this guy quickly and make a quick break.

  1. Mr. Keeping My Options Open

This guy assures you that you are the one but you can’t help but wonder how many other girls he has told this. The truth is, to him you are just one of the many options. You desperately stay with him hoping that one day he will eventually settle down with you as his number one choice.

Advice: You can only build a healthy relationship if the focus is on one person at a time. Don’t let this guy string you along. If you see he isn’t focused on you, it’s time to move on.

  1. Mr. Hot And Cold

This guy only loves you when it suits him. One minute he is loving and caring and the next he is cold and distant. You like this guy because he keeps you guessing. You don’t know if he likes you or not so you stick around hoping for the best.

Advice: this guy isn’t going through a phase he will eventually get over. This is what the rest of your life with him will look like. This guy is easy to spot because of his hot and cold behavior. Don’t get on an emotional rollercoaster with this guy.

  1. Mr. I’m Not That Into You

This guy will lead you on and use you. You give in to him because you believe what he says. But the thing with this type of guy is that his actions don’t match his words. He says one thing but does the opposite. He isn’t that hard to spot because he doesn’t walk the talk.

Advice: don’t stick around this guy because that is what he wants. He is a user so get out before you become too emotionally invested.

  1. Mr. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

This guy will have you taking care of him before you know what hit you. What’s so addictive about this guy is that he makes you feel important because you are playing a special role in his life. What you don’t know is that you are dating a baby.

Advice: A relationship with this guy will emotionally, physically and financially ruin you. Are you his partner or his parent? Until he can pay his own bills, do his own laundry and put down the video games, you need to move on to someone who is more mature.

  1. Mr. Liar

This guy lies about everything from the color of his car to where he lives. What attracts you to this guy is that he is so good at lying that you let his lies slip.

Advice: Mr. Liar develops his bad habits from the moment you start dating. You may not be keen on it because he lies about insignificant things. However, he is forming a bad habit and pretty soon you will start questioning if your relationship is just a façade. Look for a guy who has nothing to hide.

If you have an intuition about a guy, don’t ignore it. There are still some good guys out there and you don’t have to waste time with Mr. Wrong. Learn to trust your instincts and over time, you will be able to break the pattern of getting into bad relationships.   written by: Jackline K.

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