How to Deal with Family Conflict

You may often have a good reason for picking an argument. Teenage children can be particularly trying. But do not become a nag. If you are constantly moaning and complaining, two things will happen; first, blazing rows will become the norm, and second, people will cease to listen. Your legitimate complaints will be ignored and your voice will turn into a mere background noise.

7) Make use of positive body language. 

When an argument has run its course, and the tears have dried, use plenty of smiling, hugging, and kissing. In a bitter argument, when nasty things are said, the loving bond is temporarily severed. By hugging and kissing, you are re-affirming that bond in a way no words could ever match.

Family arguments may be inevitable, but that does make them easier to endure. No argument is pleasant of course, but arguments among those you both love and live with are especially taxing. Follow the advice offered here and, though you may still row, you will hopefully find those rows grow milder and less frequent. By Allnatt