How To Stop Being A Clingy, Desperate Texter

Texting is the preferred method of communication by many people, daters included these days. Texting can give someone real insight into who you are as a person. You might not even realize your actions are a turn-off because you’re attempting to show how into him you are. Men will see certain actions differently. To avoid being a clingy texter adopt these two important rules.

1. Fill your time

If you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands, you’re more likely to text the man you like more often than you should. You need to find things to fill your time and keep you away from your phone. If you’re constantly texting a man, he will know you have nothing else going on and he may be turned off by this. You don’t want to come off as bored by life and uninteresting. The man you’re interested in may feel as though you are using him to entertain you. Stop texting him right now and go start living. Don’t inundate him with texts about how you’re signing up for a new course, going for a run, and babysitting your niece. Just do it and catch him up the next time he texts and asks what you’ve been up to.

2. Don’t let your emotions control you

It’s normal to have days where you feel extremely lonely and ignored. There’s usually no validity to the feelings, but you feel so strongly about them that you find yourself texting the man you like and pour out your thoughts and feelings in a lot of rambling texts. This is a good way to make yourself look desperate. It’s very important that when you feel these things you do not text him because it could ruin whatever relationship you have and the chances of the one you hope to have. While you might feel vulnerable it’s important that you act confident.

Have you noticed that you’re always the one who texts first? Do you send him multiple messages before he sends one? It’s time for you to pull a disappearing act. When you always text a man, you give him no time to miss you and text you first. You’ve become so predictable that you’re no longer a mystery to him. You’ve taken the thrill out of chasing you away from him. If you have been texting the man you like too often, you need to stop cold turkey. Understand that it might take him a while to miss you and text you, so don’t be discouraged and text him again after having gone silent for only 12 hours. It might take a day or four before he realizes he hasn’t heard a peep from you.

Even if texting is your only mode of communication with the man you’re interested in, you don’t want to do it so much that you appear to be clingy. It can give the impression to some people that you’re like that in real life as well. To no longer appear clingy and desperate is simply a matter of changing your habits.

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