How to Talk Seductively on the Phone With Your Boyfriend

It is no mystery that a sexy voice turns a man on. There is nothing my man loves more than hearing my buttery voice whispering words of seduction into the receiver of my iPhone. However, having a sultry voice is a far second to knowing all the right things to say to your man when you’ve got him dangling on the line.

If you want to talk seductively on the phone with your boyfriend, you better be a master at using words. There is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who knows how to say all the right things to really burst his bulge.

Here are some tips on how to be a seductress on the phone and play the game of witty banter:

1. Be descriptive

Don’t just tell a guy you think he’s sexy and handsome, tell him what about him is sexy and handsome; “The way you walk in a wife beater makes me crave a good beating on my fanny”, “Your stature is so godlike, you enter a room and I feel like getting down on my knees and worshiping your sceptre.”

The power of a compliment is in the detail. He may not feel godlike, but he may have heard before that he has a powerful stature or looks hot in a wife beater. This will help him believe your compliment and feeling strong inside from your words will make him what you… bad.

You should also be descriptive in other areas, not just flattery. Use it to make him hot and all worked up. Describe what you want to do to him when he sees you next. Don’t just tell him you want to give him a great blow job– be specific about the type of fellatio or where you will perform it; “I can’t wait to bruise my knees on your kitchen floor sucking your cock like it’s the last lollipop in the candy shop.”

2. Use sensory-provocating adjectives