Is The Man You’re Dating Unstable?

It’s during the dating period of a relationship when you should be able to spot red flags that signal a problem. You want to recognize these negative qualities before your relationship becomes more serious. The following are four signs that the man you’re dating may be unstable.

1. He declares his love on the first date
Even if the man you’re dating thinks he’s fallen in love with you very early on, expressing this love is a bad idea. Confessing love so early on may mean that he’s a clingy boyfriend or expect the relationship to advance quickly. He may be needy of love, affection, and attention that you aren’t quite ready to give yet. People who so quickly declare love are thought to do so with everyone they meet because they are desperate to be in a relationship.

2. He threatens self-harm
If the man you’re dating threatens to harm or kill himself, you are dating an unstable man. He may threaten to hurt himself if you decide to end your relationship, but remember that this is not an act of love. Even if he never does any harm to himself and only uses it as a threat to get his way or gain sympathy, this behavior is unacceptable and is a clear sign of instability.

3. He knows info about you that you didn’t tell him

If the man you’re dating asks you about your upcoming work party, but you never told him about it, this could be a sign that he’s unstable. Someone who goes out of his way to check up on you and possibly stalk you might be a little too interested in you. If he continually seeks out information about your life to confront you with because you didn’t tell him first, he may be extremely insecure.

4. He responds to messages intended for you