Is Your Family Making You Sick?

Unfortunately, there are some hurts that are too deep and traumatic for this to happen. The best course of action in these circumstances is to minimize contact and focus energy on the positive relationships in your life, at least until you are ready to deal with this person and the issues they bring up.

Start with the Person in the Mirror

In cases of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse within a family, it’s clear who is at fault. With most other family conflicts, pinpointing the guilty party isn’t so straightforward. It’s easy to play the blame game, but for real healing to take place, you need to accept responsibility for your role in family dramas.

Everyone behaves badly at times, and everyone can learn from their mistakes. Looking at yourself with clear eyes will help you to understand why you acted as you did, and this is guaranteed to help ease stress. It you want others in your life to be honest and open to change, you have to be willing to take a good look at yourself.

It’s true that family relationships can be messy, painful, heartbreaking, and confusing. However, with the right awareness and attitude, they don’t have to make you sick. -Janice H.