Letting Him Go

Alysia Abbott fell in love with a guy (Jeff) who later wanted to get back with his ex. When he told her, being a strong willed woman though scorned she agreed to it without any drama.

I met Jeff at a birthday party that a friend had in New York.  By the way he introduced himself I could tell that he was trying to impress me and even as we walked out that night his interest was obvious. I was single coming off a relationship with Jason, who you could mistake for Bradley Cooper. Apart from that he was tersely moody, and though first I thought that was attractive there were frequent breakups and reunions and by the time it ended I was 29. Being single I had the chance to ask Jeff out on a date, and we later met in the East Village in Manhattan where a Ukrainian dinner was organized. This was on a January night, and as we ate hot borscht, we chatted and passed jokes on how first dates always seem to be an answer and question affair. Jeff responded well and with my mind certainly set our relationship flourished.

During spring, we spent a lot of time together, attending dancing classes and even going up to a friend’s house where we became one. Jeff was an affectionate and expressive guy and therefore falling for him seemed very easy. Jason never came to mind and besides with Jeff I was sure of his feelings and our new love was blossoming.

I used to have many male friends before and, therefore, when I learned that Jeff used to call Christine her former flame weekly just like Jason on my part I was not worried about anything. Well, things only changed when Christine got a job at Jeff’s design firm, and it turned out that it was him who arranged it. As much as Jeff assured me that nothing was going on between him and Christine I could not help but be worried because they worked in close proximity and therefore saw each other a lot.