Mr. Not So Right

One of the primary reasons men stay in marriages they are not happy in is because they don’t want any of the financial consequences that are associated with divorce. They either don’t want to give up any assets acquired during the marriage or they couldn’t afford to continue their current lifestyle if divorced. So their philosophy is “It’s cheaper to keep her.”

A Convenient Excuse

If your man has children, don’t be surprised if this is the reason he gives you for not leaving his wife. “She’s a monster who will never let him see his kids.” Of course when this excuse is thrown in your face you don’t want to be seen as a monster who wants to take a dad from his kids. “As soon as the kids are old enough to understand I’ll divorce my wife.” Good luck with that.

Psychological Attachment

Believe it or not, some men have a sick kind of loyalty to their wife. Sure they can cheat and lie to her but there is a psychological bond that exists that even he is probably unaware exists. And it’s one of the primary reasons he will never leave her.

Marriage is an institution that cultivates a unique bonding process. The combination of perpetual close proximity, frequent intimacy, and availability create the ideal situation for the facilitation of the complete bonding process, which includes physical bonding, emotional bonding, and psychological bonding.

It is the psychological bonding that is the last bond to be broken before couples actually break up and go their separate ways. If he is still with her, this is almost guaranteed to be a part of the reason, and as long as he is in the home with her, this will not change.

Bottom Line